The Rise of Online Dating and How to Make it Work for You

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For a long time, there has been a gray cloud over the world of online dating. One recurring opinion has been that heading to the internet is considered a last-ditch attempt in the search for love, and that those who use online dating websites are sad, lonely people.

Roll around to 2018 though and the tables have turned dramatically. The world of online love is now far more a positive than a negative, helped by the digital era and the increase of smartphone apps. After all, why spend time going out to meet people in bars or wherever without knowing if anyone out on the same night is actually your type? Online dating provides an insight as to what a person looks like, especially if you have a certain physical aspect that you find attractive and their profile gives a glimpse of their interests, so you can work out if you would get along.

The figures exist to prove that dating app popularity is on the up too. In April 2017, research showed that in America, 30% of internet-using 18-29-year-old people were signed up to online dating, and a further 31% had used it in the past. That’s right; online dating has become the way to meet people and is not just for the stereotypical image of a middle-aged person desperate to not be alone for the rest of their life. It’s modern and a popular way to connect with others no matter what your life situation is or your age.

So, how does the process of getting onto an online dating site or app work? Signing up is the easiest part. As long as you have an email address, you can do it. For more convenience and to make sure you meet someone within easy reach of you, there’s an option to select a location, so you only get shown potential dates within a manageable travel distance. For example, if you’re from the Sunshine State, you could choose online dating in Florida with Badoo, for those of you who happen to be using that app.

After that, it’s all about choosing your profile image and writing a small bio. An important aspect of online dating is showing people who you are, through a photo and a little bit of text, so fellow users can see the real you, and, hopefully, want to get to know you more.

How dating apps such as Badoo function is that you can like, or perhaps called by a different name depending on the app, possible dates who appeal to you. If they like your profile too, then you will be matched up and you can start talking.

However, just what is the secret trick to getting people to choose you when you appear on their dating app screen? Let’s start with the profile photo. We live in a world where visuals are key, so it’s important to get it right. What’s more, the whole love at first sight concept is a dream for many romantics, so imagine how it would feel to scroll down your feed and set your eyes upon your ideal partner. Well, your photo has the power to make that happen with a few simple rules.


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Definitely, something that needs doing. No one is going to want to get to know you more if you look bored in your pictures. A simple smile suggests happiness and a warm personality.

A photo which shows what you like doing

Before someone has even read your profile, you can give a clue as to what you like to get up to during your leisure time. Whether that’s a photo of you on a night out or going to the gym; whatever it may be. It represents who you are and what interests you. Candid photos wouldn’t go amiss as it shows who you are in a natural way.

There are a few things that you want to steer away from in your profile pic. First off; no sunglasses, no matter how cool you look in them. You need to give people a chance to see your whole face and, as your eyes are the window to your soul, it’s no use covering them up. Make sure that you are the only one in the photo too, as that is where you want the focus to be, not on someone else in the background. Last, but not least, in this section of advice, try to avoid using filters. Your profile photo should be an honest depiction of you, not of Snapchat’s latest filter.

Ok, so the photos are taken, but what about the written section of the profile? It’s not like there is space to write your entire life story after all, so it’s important to be selective with your information and know how to attract people with a few words.

The mistake that is sometimes made is to just list lots of adjectives to describe your personality. Whilst including some is a good idea to give an initial impression of who you are, don’t forget to expand and give examples of these character traits, as that really makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s likely that a lot of other people will be using the same adjectives as well, so try to be creative. Instead of “confident”, synonyms such as “upbeat” or “outgoing” send the same message, but with variety.

When it comes to describing your interests, again, be wise with your words. For example, saying you like to travel won’t mean much, as that could involve anything from going backpacking to a beach vacation. If you want to demonstrate your love of travel, you’d be better off expressing what your ideal trip would involve.

Once you’ve finished your description, you still need to say who you want to meet. We all no doubt have certain traits that we’d like our future partner to have but don’t make it sound like you’re picky and list lots of specific characteristics. Let’s face it, appearing to be fussy won’t appear attractive to others and you’re less likely to get a match online.

Of course, it can still a daunting process, signing up to online dating. It’s understandable that you could be worried. There are so many people on dating apps now; how do you ensure you stand out and have the most attractive qualities?

Believe it or not, there are ways to boost desirability. This does not mean that you are not already attractive by any means. However, if you’re new to the world of online dating, there are things you can do to appeal to fellow online users. They may also help you and give you the chance to develop some self-love, as well as love with another person.

Let’s focus on the aspects that relate to online dating and go from there.


The effect of laughing is much like the smile. In your profile photo, a candid laughter shot represents happiness and shows others how much fun and joy they could find with you. It also indicates a sense of humor which is a desired characteristic for many.

Wearing red

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One for the women rather than the men, but wearing red is a bonus. Whether that’s a red dress, red lipstick or a killer pair of red heels, red is bold and stands out, not only drawing the attention to you but it’s also a way of representing character traits such as confidence. Remember that red is also the color of hearts and roses amongst other things, so the color exudes romance. Perfect for dating in any form.


In the midst of online dating, self-care is just as vital. Taking the time to look after yourself, ranging from anything such as meditating and keeping fit, to having a good skincare routine, can make you feel good, therefore, giving a positive impression to others. It also shows that you aren’t clingy and can make decisions for yourself, ideal for any relationship.

All of this information may seem like a lot to take in but, once you’ve taken this advice on board, then there’s no doubt romance will be coming your way. Online dating gives you the opportunity to message people first and get to know one another, reducing the possibility of an awkward initial face-to-face encounter, as you already know some of each other’s interests, which provides an easy conversation starter. Naturally, if you’re still nervous at the actual date prospect, then keep it casual. Grab a coffee for half an hour or go for a stroll in the park. After all, if it’s the right person, love shouldn’t be nerve-wracking.

It’s certain to say that online dating is no longer something to be mocked or feared, but something to be embraced. No matter who you are, online dating can work for you and, as seen, there are plenty of ways to create a great profile to make you stand out.