10 tips for living a happier and healthier life

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We all want to live a happier and healthier life, sometimes we just don’t know what to do. We have put together a simple list of things to start you off. Do these every day and it will put you on the right path to success for that happier and healthier life.

Get enough sleep 

Sleep is one of the most underrated things that people forget. You need to get 8 hours of sleep or more a day. You may say you only need 4 hours of sleep, but studies show that you are fooling yourself for most of the time. It is extremely rare for people to need less than 8 hours of sleep. You may not realize the damage you get not getting all that sleep, but if you start getting enough sleep you will see a big difference.

Eat healthy 

I know we all hear this all the time, eat healthy. What you need to start doing is eating for health and not for pleasure. Start paying attention to what you’re eating. Most people do not get enough protein so it’s a good idea to eat more protein than you think. People eat more food than they need to, so it’s good idea to eat half of what you think you should eat. You may be hungry right after you eat, but you will find that within about 15 minutes you are no longer hungry. Increase the amount of dark vegetables you eat as well. Lastly, and we’ve all heard it before, avoid the sugars

Keep hydrated

Drink enough water to make sure you are hydrated. This is probably more water than you drink now. Water makes up 2/3 of the body and is needed for an amazing amount of functions for the body. So make sure you drink extra water, and we don’t mean soda.


Another bit of common is our body survives on breathing oxygen. As someone once said we are addicted to oxygen we want it for our whole lives and if we stop it we die in a few minutes. Start remembering to breathe deeper. Most people breathe at about 1/3 the capacity of their lungs. So start remembering to take deep and bringing more oxygen into your system, you you will feel so much better


Get moving, get some physical activity going. This is important for you at any age or any health. It will help your heart and circulation as well as help your brain. It will help you think and help your overall health. You don’t have to go to the gym 4 hours a day, you just need to take a walk and get your heart rate up. Maybe do a little bit of lifting of weights at home. You know what you need to do to get active, so get active.

Avoid alcohol 

There have been recent studies that have shown that the common thought of even one drink a day is okay for you is not true. In all reality you are best just avoiding the alcohol. It is also a diuretic which would require you to have more water. It also impacts various organs in the body in a negative way. So if you drink, try and cut it out or at least cut it down as much as you can.

Have a purpose 

Happy people have a purpose. Studies have shown that when you do not know what you’re doing or where your future is, that it is quite stressful and causes a large amount of depression and anxiety. Design a purpose in life. This is not an easy thing, but you must realize that you can change this purpose at any time, starting with a purpose that you know you’re going to change is fine. Just get a purpose. Get a reason for living.

Stop smoking 

There is nothing here that we’re going to tell you that you have not heard a hundred times before, if not a thousand times before. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, smoking is bad for your health. There was a study once that showed that the average years lost on a smoker’s life is 12, meaning that you’re going to lose 12 years of your life that you could be enjoying if you smoke. Is smoking really worth it?

Random acts of kindness 

Learn to do things for others for no purpose and no reward. When you do things for people it makes you happy and makes them happy. There’s nothing more beautiful than making the world a happier place. Such things as paying for somebody’s lunch, sending flowers, or a card, are a good start. There are so many nice things you can do for others, you just have to think of what they might be. But make sure you’re doing it with no ulterior motive. Do it for them and not for yourself.

Get some sun 

Okay this gets into a big controversy, but we believe that a little bit of sunshine is a good thing. Your skin converts sun into Vitamin D which helps you in so many different ways. Obviously don’t overdo it as there are always skin cancer risks and the sun is damaging to the skin, but going out for the day into the sunshine has multiple purposes. It makes you feel better to be outside, it is good for the soul, and the vitamin D helps as well.

Most of these tips you heard before, so we are just reminding you of them. Most of them are logical and make sense. So we hope you embrace these tips and get your life moving ahead the way it should be towards that health and happiness. We wish you the best.