5 Reasons Why Golf Is Good for Your Health

August 7, 2019 , In: Health & Fitness, Sports , With: No Comments

Getting healthy or maintaining your good health are probably near the top of your list of priorities. It’s difficult to make time for fitness when we think of it as a chore, but what if a leisure activity could fill the gap? The good news is that you can improve or maintain your health while also enjoying yourself by playing golf a few times a week. 

Here are 5 ways that golf is actually good for your health. 

#1 – You can stay fit and lose weight 

Assuming you’re walking between each hole, you’ll get a nice workout every day you hit the course. The average distance you’re likely to walk if you play all 18 holes is around 5 to 7 kilometers per round. Doing 18 holes a few times per week is enough of a workout to help you burn body fat, tone your muscles, increase your endurance, and improve your heart health. 

Golf is only as much of an exercise as you want it to be. You can make it more physically demanding by walking the entire way and moving your own equipment between holes. 

#2 – It’s a low intensity workout 

All the physical health benefits of the sport can be realized for much longer than many other sports. You can enjoy playing golf for years without it getting too intense. If it gets too difficult to walk the whole course, you can shorten your game to 9 holes, ride a golf cart for some of the distance, or have someone help you with your clubs. This keeps you playing for well into your 70s and beyond. 

Because of the low intensity of the sport, it’s also a good fit for anyone who’s had previous heart issues or other serious physical problems. You’re not likely to overexert yourself and suffer heart problems on the course. 

#3 – You’ll stay connected to others 

By its nature, golf is a social game. While you probably could hit the range by yourself, it’s best to go out on the course with a few friends or new acquaintances. This makes it a good way to keep connection with a community of people. Human connection is important for remaining healthy, which makes golf better for your health than simply walking. 

#4 – It can reduce stress levels 

How can you feel stressed on a golf course? Golf is great as a means of stress relief, not only because of the gentle exercise, but also because you’re out in nature, breathing fresh air, and mentally focusing on the game itself. Having some level of concentration on your game takes your mind off anything that could be causing you stress, allowing your mind to rest and be stimulated for at least a few hours. 

#5 – There’s a low risk for injury 

While it’s possible to injure yourself if you have poor technique, bad equipment, or by overexerting yourself, golf is considered a low risk sport. You can reduce your chances of injury even more by doing some exercise off the course, stretching before you play, and warming up for about 10 to 15 minutes before a game. 

Having good swing technique and the right equipment shouldn’t be discounted as ways to reduce your risk of injury. Get lessons before you start or learn proper technique from a friend on the course. If you want to start playing on a budget or just try it out, buy some pre-owned drivers and irons from a second-hand golf store or rent your clubs the first few times to make sure you’re using the good stuff.

Golf isn’t just a fun hobby. It’s a sport that could help you stay active and healthy for years. If you’re not already playing golf regularly, it might be time to start!