Secrets to sleeping better and being more productive the next day

April 19, 2018 , In: Health & Fitness , With: No Comments

Sleep is one of the easiest and most difficult things for people to understand for making their life better. Sleep is one of the most important things in your life. It’s easy to change your habits and get better sleep. It’s hard to believe and understand that making those changes will change your life so drastically. Here are some things you should do for a good night sleep.

Set a schedule 

Try and go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Everyone has a certain Rhythm to sleep. The trick is to find out what your rhythm is and then stick to that. If you know your Rhythm you will find that you can wake up very easily every morning and not feel like a zombie. Some people will say get up the same time every day, and that’s great except if you don’t go to bed the same time you’re randomly playing with your rhythm. Zombieland is an easy place to find in the morning if you’re not careful. So find out what you rhythm is and stick to it. Hint: Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep, even if you don’t think you need it.

Find your productive times 

Everyone has different times of the day when they’re most productive. This also comes down to your biological rhythm. If you are most productive in the morning then that is when you should set the work you need to do. If you are more productive in the evening, then set it for the evening. Find out where you get the most done and schedule your work for those times. Don’t try and force yourself.

Cut the caffeine 

Caffeine is a wonderful thing, it increases your alertness and you feel you can get more done. However, it also disrupts your sleep. So while caffeine can give you a short boost, in the long run, it’s doing you damage. Most people don’t notice that caffeine bothers their sleep because they are used to it. Cut the caffeine out for a month and you will see the difference.

Dim the lights 

Dim the lights at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. It’s also a good idea to stop working on your laptop or watching TV. Your body controls a lot of its sleep cycle using light. There are even some computer programs that will change the blue light on your computer to more of a red light past a certain time at night to help you sleep. Blue light wakes you and makes your brain think that it’s daytime. So dim the lights at least 30 minutes before you sleep so your body will know it’s time to go to bed.


It has been shown that people who exercise regularly sleep better at night. Doing regular exercise increases the time you spend in rem state sleep. It gives you a deeper sleep. We do not mean you have to run a marathon, but just doing about 15 minutes of exercise a day will increase your health and increase the quality of your sleep. As a side benefit, if you have sleep apnea, doing regular exercise will make you lose weight and probably help with that.


Meditation should be done in your life anyway as it is been clinically shown to reduce stress and anxiety and bring about a better health. Doing relaxation exercises or meditation before sleep is a good way to set your body to know it’s going to go to sleep. It will calm your mind of the thoughts of the day.

Buy a good mattress

As simple as it sounds, this is also one of the best ways to get a better sleep and wake refreshed. You spend a large portion of your life in bed, much more than you spend in your car, so why be cheap buying a mattress when you spend 10’s of thousands buying a car. Buy a good mattress and invest in your health.

Sleep is the key to anything in your day. Make an effort to learn your body’s rhythms and get a good night’s sleep you and you will find that your productivity goes through the roof. You will not be sluggish and have a hard time thinking as the day wears on. Sleep is one of the most underrated cures that can help you. People do not take it seriously enough, but you should for your health. I hope these hints help you get a good night sleep and we wish you pleasant dreams.