Lose these 6 bad habits if you’re serious about becoming wealthy 

March 14, 2018 , In: Business, Education, Finance, Money, Tech , With: No Comments

We all want to become wealthy, and we all have bad habits. But we really don’t want those bad habits to interfere with our getting wealthy. Having a bad habit like smoking, won’t stop you getting wealthy, but procrastination or letting yourself get distracted will. There are quite a few things you can do that are really quite simple to help put you in the right mindset for making money. But just like a diet, you have to stick to it. You are going to need a little bit of discipline in the beginning, but over time when you make it a habit, you will find that it becomes very easy. We can’t guarantee the wealth will fall into your lap, but we can guarantee that if you follow these rules, it will become a lot easier for it to happen.

No excuses 

Don’t make excuses for anything. Don’t even try and fool yourself into saying they are reasons and not excuses. Reasons are just excuses. You have no real limitations, so don’t make up any new ones for yourself. Life is hard, we get that, but excuses are sometimes the way you try not to face how hard it is. If you ignore the excuses and just “try”, you will find that you might be surprised that it was not as hard as you thought. Start to recognize when you make an excuse or give a reason you cannot do something. When you catch yourself doing that, think about it, and make an effort to just do it instead.

Bad habits 

Just like not making excuses, setting good daily habits is a cornerstone of getting to the goals that you want. If there is one thing that separates out the rich from the poor, it’s good daily habits. Every single book you will read about somebody that’s made a vast Fortune, you will find has a certain set of habits they do every single day. If you have a bad habit, you need to erase it from your day and replace it with a good one.

Lazy mornings 

You will find that almost every successful person has a set morning routine. There are even books that have been written on this specific subject alone. Whether it is to get up at a certain time, meditate, exercise, make breakfast, go for a walk, or just catch up on emails. There is always a specific routine that is done every day. These routines are done with laser precision, they are not sloppy. So think about what you need to do to be successful, start making a solid morning routine to prepare your day. Hint: meditation for a short time is on almost every successful person’s startup routine list.

End multitasking 

Regardless that you can think that you can multitask, it has been shown that most people cannot do this successfully. Your need to learn to focus. This means that if you’re going to work on something, turn everything else off. Don’t leave your Facebook or social media running on the computer the same time. If you can get away with it turn your phone off, or set social media to silent. Work on one thing and one thing only, and finish that one thing. When you finish that one thing, you can start the next thing. You will find the increase in your productivity almost magical.

Lock your credit cards up 

Unless you are trying to increase your credit rating and the discipline to do so, put your credit cards away and hide them. Do not carry them with you. If you are going to travel, of course, bring some with you, but use them only in an emergency. Get the discipline of not spending money on credit cards. The fees are just money that you’re throwing away. Credit cards can fool you into thinking you have more money than you do. Learn to not use them and leave them empty.


Start becoming an overachiever. This may not make a lot of sense too many of you, but you need to learn how to make the extra effort. When you were in school you probably just read the chapters that the professor gave you, this is doing the minimum amount. What you need to do is read those chapters, any other chapters that are relevant, and pick up any other books that are on the same subject and read those too. It probably wouldn’t hurt to even look up the footnotes. Make the extra effort. Most people get through life making the minimum effort possible to do the job. You need to start thinking about going the extra mile and doing a bit extra. Even such a thing as sending a thank-you card is making an extra effort. So start looking at what you do and how you can overachieve on it. You will find life get so much easier.

It seems to go against logic that the more effort you put out the easier it becomes. You need to start looking at the world in a slightly different way. Instead of thinking of the easiest way to get through the world, or thinking what the world can give me. You need to start thinking about how to take what you want. When I say take, I don’t mean rob a bank, I mean make the effort. Use the simple rules and you will find that they are life-changing. We wish you all the success.