Could Your Marriage Be in Trouble?

July 11, 2018 , In: Finance, Love, Money, Tech , With: No Comments

Would you know the sign or signs if your marriage was in trouble?

Unfortunately, too many individuals do not see big red flags until it is too late. By the time they do, their partner could already have one foot out the door.

With that in mind, what sign or signs should you look for that your marriage could be on the rocks?

Be Alert to Problems in Your Marriage

While you never want to obsess 24/7 that your marriage is in trouble, there are signs of stormy waters on the horizon.

Among them:

  1. Where’s my spouse? – Does it seem like your spouse is not around as often as they used to be? While people do get busy with work and other obligations, less time at home can mean trouble too. You may wonder is my husband cheating or vice-versa if you are a male? Although it can be difficult to learn the answer to that question, you can do some investigating. Make sure to be discreet about it unless you want to confront them in a direct manner.
  2. Less communication – All couples have times where communication can be in short supply. That said be aware of when communication seems to be awkward or even all but non-existent. Although it may only be a temporary thing, patterns of not talking can be a sign your partner is checking out.
  3. Easy to get upset – If your spouse seems shorter with their temper, that can be another sign a marriage is in trouble. Given you should know your spouse better than anyone; you may find it odd they are short-tempered. While it could be work or money that is making them upset, it also may be they feel guilty being with someone else now.
  4. Less time with children – When you have children in the home, it is only natural to spend a lot of time with them. That said is your spouse spending fewer hours around the children? If so, get to the bottom of it. Along with trying to figure out what is going on, reassure your children that it is nothing they have done. A divorce can impact your teenager or younger children in all aspects of their lives for years to come. If it seems like your marriage may split, do all you can to keep the children’s spirits up despite the tough times.
  5. Not making long-term plans – Last, has your spouse stopped making plans down the road with you or the family? This can be a telltale sign that things are heading south. For example, you had talked as a family about taking a big vacation next year. While plans were underway at one point, now your spouse does not mention the trip at all.

While many happy and healthy marriages last forever, others are not so fortunate.

If you suspect something is up in your relationship, do your best to get to the bottom of it sooner than later.