Iconic Sports Stadiums Worth A Visit

November 11, 2022 , In: Sports , With: No Comments

Sporting stadiums and arenas have hosted some of the most iconic and legendary moments in sporting and human history. Some stadiums are so iconic that they have become well-known around the world for their intense and fiery atmospheres as well as their incredible capacity and theatrics. 

There are a number of sports stadiums around the world that every avid sports fan dreams of one day visiting. These are the stadiums where at some time in the past some amazing happened that will never be forgotten, or they are simply the home to some of the most famous and iconic sporting teams from around the world. 

Let’s take a look at 3 majestic, must-visit sporting arenas. 

Wembley Stadium 

Everyone, simply everyone, has heard about the iconic Wembley Stadium at some point in their lives. Whether you’re from America, Africa, or Asia, Wembley Stadium is one of the most spoken-about, and well-renowned stadiums on the planet. 

Each year it plays host to a number of high-stakes English football matches, including the FA Cup final, The Carabao Cup Final, and the initial season kick-off Community Shield. Other than that, Wembley Stadium has recently hosted a number of NFL games, as the sport starts to become more and more international. If you’re a sporting fan of any type, this 90 000 seater is simply a must-visit. 

Louisiana Superdome

The Louisiana Superdome is quite unlike any stadium on the planet. It doesn’t have a rich history of iconic winning sports teams or even has a particular aesthetic that makes it special. Instead, it is the community and the city that surrounds this stadium that make it a must-visit for any sports fan. Sporting is about more than just the game being played on the field, it’s about the fans, the community, and the culture, and few do it better than those in Louisiana. 

The area surrounding the city is known as one of the best party locations on the planet, meaning that if you come out to watch a game at the Superdome you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time, win or lose. The Superdome also holds a special place in the heart of many Americans, as it revived the city after the atrocities of hurricane Katrina. 

Madison Square Garden

The home of basketball and a fan of any NBA fan or enthusiast who keeps a closed eye on NCAA picks, Madison Square Garden is one of the most iconic and possibly the most well-known arenas on the planet. And that’s not just because of the sporting events that take place there. World-renowned musical artists, comedians, and sports teams all use this stadium to showcase their talents, making it the true cultural hub of the city of New York. 

Whether you’re coming down to NYC for sports or for something else, you simply cannot miss out on visiting Madison Square Garden.  

Honourable Mentions 

  • Fenway Park
  • Anfield 
  • Stamford Bridge 
  • Soccer City 
  • Old Boston Garden 
  • Yankee Stadium