What is technical sales?

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Simply put, technical sales is the action of selling technical goods and services to consumers. We are living in a time where technology has taken control of the world. Almost everything in our daily lives relies on technology. And more and more new companies dealing with technology-related products are being created each day. However, just like any other company, they face enormous sales challenges. This is partly because the general public may not know the product, let alone its importance. Successful technology-related companies have thus invested in skilled technical sales professionals to help them develop buyer relationships and effectively communicate with prospects and customers. So who are these sales professionals, and why are they important to a company?

Technical sales professionals

A technical sales professional is a broad term that refers to technical sales representatives, sales engineers, and technical sales veterans. They are all skilled sales personnel specialized in promoting and selling technological and scientific products and services for a company or an organization. They explain complex concepts in simple terms to customers allowing them to understand how the product works and why they need to buy their product. Technical sales professionals are well familiar with the company’s products. They can demonstrate and convince consumers that their products are of quality and explain how the product will solve an existing customer problem. Sales professionals also play a vital role in carrying out market research for a company. Through their findings, companies get a clear picture of their customers and the general market demands, strengths and weaknesses, and competitors. Sales professionals, especially sales engineers, will modify and adjust products to meet customers’ exact needs. Through their joint work with the research and development department, sales engineers can identify and develop new products. Suffice to say, companies stand to benefit a lot from employing qualified technical sales professionals to their sales team. However, finding the correct candidate to fill this critical job positions has been a significant hurdle for most companies. In a world where many people are unemployed, companies find themselves with a long list of job applicants in any vacancy they advertised. Some of these job seekers do not have the necessary skills the company is seeking. And with many companies having few ideas on how to filter and recruit a technical sales professional, there is a big chance of employing the wrong individual for the position. This is where technical sales recruitment agencies come in handy.

Technical sales recruitment agencies

Technical recruitment agencies work as matchmakers who pair a company with experienced and skilled technical sales professionals. Through their significant exposure to market knowledge, technical sales recruitment agencies relieve the human resource department of the burden of interviewing each job applicant by taking care of the whole recruitment process. The agencies filter applicants using some main criteria and present the HR department with suitable candidates. They provide a company with the right candidates who have experience in both technical and sales and therefore cut the time and cost needed to train the new employees.

In summary

Companies dealing with technology-related products need to have skilled and experienced technical sales professionals to become or remain relevant in the market. Finding the right candidate can be a tiresome task. Therefore, such companies should work with technical sales recruitment agencies who consider all the recruitment requirements before hiring an individual.