What is ‘Natural Wine?’ Underground Cellar Takes a Closer Look

May 24, 2021 , In: Health & Fitness , With: No Comments

Whether you enjoy a crisp, chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or you prefer the rich flavors of a Cabernet Sauvignon, finding your favorite wine will awaken your senses and ensure you always have a go-to tipple to enjoy. Of course, experimenting with different wines is the easiest (and most enjoyable!) way to discover a new favorite. 

With an extensive range of wines from a number of regions, Underground Cellar makes it easy to explore new flavors and bouquets. If you’re eager to try something new, you might be intrigued to know a little more about the ‘natural wine’ that’s taking the world by storm. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this new genre of wine.

How is Natural Wine Made?

Although there is no standard, universal definition of ‘natural wine’, the term typically refers to wine that’s made from fermented grape juice, without anything else being added. Furthermore, many natural wines are produced using traditional methods, rather than on the mass production lines that big brand conventional winemakers often rely on. 

However, it’s worth noting that winemakers tend to have different definitions of natural wine, so there can be considerable differences between each bottle. Some might use organic grapes, for example, while others may source grapes from biodynamic vineyards. What’s fairly consistent, though, is that virtually all natural wines are free from sulfites and other additives, which makes them a great choice if you want to pare back your favorite flavors and enjoy them in all their unadulterated glory.   

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Natural Wine?

There’s no doubt that a good bottle of wine can be a joy to drink, but did you know it can be good for you too? We read an article recently that bestowed the health benefits associated with wine, so you can enjoy a guilt-free glass in the pursuit of better health and well-being!

While there has been ongoing debate about whether natural wine is better for you than conventional wine, there is at least one way in which it might be a better choice. Conventional wines contain additives and sulfides, and many people find that this chemical compound triggers headaches or migraines. As natural wine doesn’t contain sulfides or additives, this could be one way to enjoy your favorite flavors without any unwanted side effects. 

What Does Natural Wine Taste Like?

The winemaking process is distinctly different for natural wine than it is for conventional wine, so you can expect the flavor and aroma to be different too. However, it’s tricky to categorize natural wine when it comes to flavor as there is an extensive range of notes on offer. For some people, natural wine offers a more sour or earthly taste than conventional wines, but this isn’t always the case. 

While it can take time to adjust to drinking natural wines if you’re used to the clear or sparkling wines that make up conventional ranges, it’s well worth giving it a try. Not only will you get to experience a whole new style of wine, but you might just find your new favorite bottle too!