Three Skin Treatments You Didn’t Know You Needed

April 17, 2019 , In: Fashion, Health & Fitness , With: No Comments

Visiting your local skin clinic or aestheticians is meant to be relaxing, leaving you not just looking younger and healthier, but feeling better. Picking the right treatment can be tricky, and feeling like you’re missing out can actually add to your stress rather than reduce it. Today we’re helping you make that important decision by taking a look at three skin treatments you might not even know you need and explaining why they’re perfect for you.


People can be intimidated by this treatment – but it’s important to learn more about it, for instance knowing that that it’s less painful than it is uncomfortable, and that the benefits more than outweigh this discomfort.

A microneedling treatment harnesses your body’s own capacity for regeneration – the clinician uses a small, pen-like tool with tightly bunched, tiny needles to puncture the skin in the areas you’re having treated. These wounds are microscopic, surface level pinpricks, so they heal quickly, and part of your body’s mechanism for healing involves manufacturing more collagen! Collagen is the substance that gives your skin its healthy looking fullness and bounce, so this treatment can have dramatic effects and make you look and feel much better! If you’re interested in microneedling, London skin clinics are increasingly offering this treatment, so ask about it at your local aestheticians.

Skin Infusions

If you’re more comfortable with a less invasive procedure, then a skin infusion (or dermal infusion) could be the perfect choice for you! Skin infusions pair a facial treatment with technology like pulsed laser light or sound waves, that help the formula penetrate beneath the skin to nourish the ‘living’ layer of skin cells beneath the epidermis.

The effectiveness of some facial treatments is limited because the treatment can only act on the surface of the skin – if the problems leading to wrinkles, discolouration or aging skin are found below the surface, then a simple facial won’t help! Working with your aesthetician to choose the correct facial, and then having infused deep into the structure of your skin can have remarkable results.

IPL for Pigmentation

One of the main concerns that brings people to a skin clinic or beautician is skin pigmentation – there are all sorts of things that can cause an uneven, unwanted skin discolouration, from sun exposure to medical conditions like PCOS.

If you’re looking for the solution to your pigmentation problems, then intense pulsed light treatments could be the answer! Targeting the affected area with intense bursts of light at the right frequency can break up the pigment, and help you achieve a more even skin tone!