Premier League 22/23, Don’t Write Chelsea Off Just Yet

July 25, 2022 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

If you check out the sportsbook at any US casino you will find that the current favorites to lift the Premier League this season are City, Liverpool and Spurs, in that order. We are here to tell you however that 4th favorites Chelsea shouldn’t be counted out just yet, and it would be folly to do so. 

Whilst the odds at the sportsbooks do vary, a real money online casino in Australia has the Blues at the longest, coming in at 19/1. On the face of it you’d think that a team at those odds would find it impossible to win, but here is why we fancy them as an outside bet. 

Quiet Business

What was apparent at the end of last season was that Chelsea needed players, defenders in particular, as well as some attacking strength. Not only has Chelsea’s new owners managed to clear out some of the dead wood from the club — Lukaku we’re looking at you — but they have also managed to bring in real talent, and done so pretty quietly. Koulibaly is already in, Sterling has come in to breathe life into the side and they look odds-on to sign Kounde too. This is smart business which won’t upset the team, but enhance them. 

Maligned Players

Ultimately Romelu Lukaku just isn’t good enough at this level anymore, but the same cannot be said for the likes of Werner and Havertz, who haven’t started their Chelsea careers as they would have liked. With this being said however, both players are young and clearly talented, and this could certainly be their breakout season. In fact with Sterling bringing some competition and energy to that forward line, both Havertz and Werner could seriously shine this year. 

Youth Coming Back 

The media loves to get caught up in who is spending what and where, but in Chelsea’ case we can look at a couple of young players who may actually feature for the Blues this year. In particular we can look at Conor Gallagher and Armando Bruja, who were sensational for Palace and Southampton last season. Both these players are old enough and experienced enough to help the Blues this season, and we can’t wait to see the results. 

Tuchel Effect 

And finally we simply cannot discount the quality of manager Thomas Tuchel, a proven winner who was handed a tough hand last season. Chelsea were actually doing very well before the debacle came about with Roman Abramovich and the selling of the club, none of which caused by him. Tuchel would have been praying for a smooth takeover and a quality pre-season, and this is exactly what he ended up with. Now that the German can focus on his team, we are likely to see a renewed Chelsea who will certainly feel that they can mount a challenge for the title. 

We simply cannot count Chelsea out of this title, no matter how tough it may appear.