What to Know About A Powersports Extended Service Contract

April 14, 2022 , In: Auto , With: No Comments

Powersports are becoming more and more popular in recent years. They’re enjoyed by thrill-seekers, travellers, holidaymakers, the boys on that lad’s weekends or maybe the girls on a beach day. They’re also used by some as an easier and quicker way to get to work. Especially if travelling through congested, or city centre traffic, they are a great way to beat the queues. With more and more people looking to have their own powersport vehicle, it raises some questions: What are powersports vehicles? Is it worth owning my own? How do I get them insured? And do I need a powersports extended service contract?

Well firstly, a powersports vehicle is usually defined by how you ride it. There are no doors, no roof; you would tend to sit on a saddle and hold on to the handlebars. So, the most popular of these are motorcycles, trikes, scooters, ATV’s, jet skis, snowmobiles and so on. Of these the absolute, most popular, is the motorcycle. As stated above, some may enjoy riding them for sports, but others use them for the daily commute to the office as they can be a much quicker way to travel though busy city streets. And that is another reason motorcycles are so popular – they can be legally driven on the streets. To use other powersports vehicles, you have to first transport them to a trail to be able to use them.

Some people own powersports vehicles purely for racing them while others buy them more for fun, recreational use (how much fun is it to go to a beach and have your own jet ski to enjoy?) If you’re someone who regularly uses a powersports vehicle on trips out or holidays, them it would be worth considering if it’s worth owning your own, both to save costs in the long term and for the flexibility of being able to use it whenever you want. If your commute to work takes you longer than you would like to spend sat in traffic, then a motorcycle would definitely be an option to think about. 

A powersports vehicle should always come with a standard warranty but do your research to see that this is definitely the case when you are buying. Sometimes however, when people read through their standard warranty, they realise it doesn’t give them all the reassurance and security they’d hoped for, and this is where a powersports extended service contract can give you the peace of mind you are after. These contracts can vary so again, do your research. But they will provide greater cover for repairs and maintenance of your vehicle.