Why Android Is The Best Mobile OS

April 22, 2022 , In: Tech , With: No Comments

When it comes to modern smartphones, there’s a clear division between users, with most of them using Android, and the rest using Apple’s iOS. While both operating systems have clear pros and cons, more and more people are turning to Android. 

Android has matured at an incredible rate in the last ten years, and has become the number one choice for most people when it comes to the latest and greatest in the mobile world. Here we will look at reason as to why Android is considered by many to the superior mobile operating system. 

Custom ROMs

When most people purchase an Android device, it’s generally in the flavour of whichever company that they bought it from, such as Samsung or Xiaomi. But due to the open source nature of the Android project, it’s possible to take the operating system and build something completely unique. 

This is where custom ROMs come into place, and while many of them are not really up to standard, there are a few that have taken Android and improved it in various ways. GrapheneOS, for example, is widely regarded as the most private and secure custom Android ROM in the world right now, but CalyxOS and DivestOS are other popular choices. Apple’s iOS is closed source, meaning that it cannot be forked into something new. 

Sideloading Apps

Another benefit to using Android is that it’s possible to load apps that are not part of the Play Store. While this might be dangerous in some contexts, for those that know what they are doing, this is fantastic way of adding 3rd party apps to Android that would otherwise not be possible with something like iOS. Modern Android apps come in the APK format, and any APK can be recognised by the system and installed. 

Of course, there are some security concerns with this, but it also provides the ability to load apps from trusted source like F-Droid. This creates an environment where a user of an Android device can have a device that’s completely devoid of any bloatware, while also having access to more secure and private apps, such as those offered by Black Lotus online casino. It’s also a great way of avoiding much of the tracking and data collection that’s done by companies like Google. 


There are many different flavours of Android, and each is custom built based on the phone that it’s being shipped with. For instance, Google has their own flavour of Android on their line of Pixel devices, while Samsung has something completely different. This is different from the iPhone and iOS, which all use the same version of the operating system, meaning that there is very little variation, and it also means that a big security hole in one Apple device will affect every other Apple device. Because each flavour of Android comes with individual security updates, it makes it that much easier for companies and developers to find bugs and security flaws quickly and efficiently.