Jennifer Mellon on Why You May Need a Private Investigator

October 21, 2018 , In: Education , With: No Comments

My close friend Jennifer Mellon works as a private investigator for a fabulous company online called Trustify. In a nutshell this company is the best place to go to when you need to hire a private investigator as they hire the very best, and the best prices and they offer full support throughout the process, a short review I know but I really would recommend them. I was chatting with Jennifer last week, along with her partner Danny Boice and we were talking about the tasks which a private investigator could carry out on any given day. I was stunned at the range of things which these professionals do in their jobs, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

Date Checker

We live in an uncertain world and we can never really know when someone is out to get us. This is why private investigators are often hired to check out the girl or guy that someone has been dating. This makes sense when you think about it as we have heard many stories about people getting with someone, only for them to get their claws in and then take all that they have.


When couples go through a divorce which is not amicable, there can be a real tug of war about who’s fault it is and why they are getting divorced, in fact this decision will have a huge impact on who gets custody and how the settlement pans out. This is why many people will recruit someone like Jennifer Mellon or Danny Boice, to keep an eye on their soon to be ex partner and see whether or not they are having an extra-marital affair.

Checking It Out

If you are a business owner and you decide to go into partnership with another business, it makes sense that you check out their closet to ensure that there are no skeletons in there. Doing this yourself would of course raise suspicion so the best course of action is to hire a private investigator to check out the company and its history for you. Another background check which a PI can carry out for you is on anyone who you may be thinking about hiring, especially if you are suspicious of their track record.

Child Custody

In a child custody hearing a PI can actually be brought to the stand as a witness, and give statement or testimony which is admissible. What we see therefore in many child custody cases are parents hiring a PI to watch the other parent if they feel as though they are not fit to look after the child. If the PI agrees and they have seen sufficient evidence to suggest that they cannot, they will be called as a witness and give a testimony saying exactly that.

You never know when you might need a private investigator, so be sure to remember the name Trustify.