Explore Christmas Traditions Around the World

November 23, 2019 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

For many of us, Christmas is a time for staying at home. It’s a time for staying in with the family, playing games, watching movies and stuffing ourselves stupid on mince pies and leftover turkey sandwiches. But if you dare to travel during the festive season, you might be amazed by some of the unusual Christmas traditions you find around the world.

Jet to Japan and you’ll see more people tucking into a takeaway bucket than a roast turkey dinner. This is thanks to KFC Japan’s successful marketing campaign from 1974 that made eating fried chicken at Christmas a national custom.

Travel to the Philippines and you’ll be dazzled by the ‘Ligligan Paru’ (or Giant Lantern Festival). It’s become so popular during the last 100 years that San Fernando, the city where it’s held, has been renamed the Christmas Capital of the Philippines.

You can find out more about different Christmas traditions around the world in the infographic on this page. It’s been brought to you by bgo, to celebrate their tradition of bringing you the best holiday-inspired online games.