Why Patients Are Using Veriheal for Cannabis Consultations

September 9, 2020 , In: Health & Fitness , With: No Comments

If you are a resident of Oklahoma and are suffering from a medical condition that requires the use of cannabis, this should be your first step. Ask your physician about how to get help from the Oklahoma marijuana program. Marijuana is a heavily controlled substance in the United States especially when it comes to medical use. Many states are grappling with the issue of legalizing the growth and supply of medical marijuana.

There are stringent measures that govern the ability to legally partake marijuana for medical reasons. For starters, you must be 21 years old or above. Apart from that, there are several hurdles that you must cross before your application is approved. For this reason and many others, Veriheal is there to assist with easing the process for you.

Advantages of Veriheal

If you need medical marijuana to combat your ailment and are new to the idea, you must learn the basics of this new page in life. You will have to know all you can to enable you to achieve the positive benefits of using marijuana medically. Veriheal has cannabis coaches to help you on this path. They are well trained to give you advice on the benefits of this amazing plant.

With Veriheal, you will first have a roughly 20-minute consultation with a certified cannabis coach. Your coach will inform you about the potential for medical cannabis to improve your everyday life and treat your health conditions. Your coach will define your condition and recommend a targeted cannabinoid and terpene regimen to help you.

The use of medical marijuana as alternative medicine has currently been causing a lot of interest in medical circles. The different types of important cannabinoids (components of the cannabis plant) in the medical domain are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These are separate compounds that have different effects. A cannabis coach can advise you on how to use THC and CBD, depending on your condition. This is where you can benefit from Veriheal. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, while CBD is not intoxciating. Both are used for therapeutic reasons by patients. THC alone, CBD alone, or a combination of them can be used after careful consultation from a cannabis coach and/or medical marijuana doctor.

In Oklahoma, the existing authority on medical cannabis has a stamp of approval from the governor. Its rules and regulations are up-to-date with current regulations since 2019. This means that licensed doctors and podiatrists can legally approve you to receive medical marijuana. The same is also true for doctors of Osteopathy. Because of this, you can get a short-term license for 60 days for either an adult or a minor.

How to Apply for a Marijuana Medical Card via Veriheal

The legal statutes governing medical cannabis are different in each state according to the United States federal government. If you live in Oklahoma, your best bet is to apply through Veriheal. The minimum requirements are simple. First, you must have a detailed medical background on your disease before booking an appointment. Your consultation will cost you around 200 dollars which includes your medical evaluation and physician copay. Next, you will consult a cannabis expert who will evaluate your illness. The expert will also answer any questions you may have on what you are not sure about. Once you receive your medical marijuana card, you may purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries.