How to Manage Your Money From Your Mobile

April 22, 2018 , In: Education, Finance, Money, Tech , With: No Comments

Regardless of how much money you earn, how much you owe or how you currently manage your money, many of you will surely agree that we could be better when it comes to money management. Money is a source of great frustration, great desire, great sadness and great motivation for us all, and the key to ensuring that our experience with money is positive, is to make sure that we are on top of managing it.

Thankfully we live in a world where pretty much everything is made easier thanks to the internet and mobile phones, money included, and here are just a few ways of how you can use your mobile to better manage your finances.

Banking App

The first thing which you need to ensure that you have is the application for your own bank. With the exception of a minute few, every bank in the world has an application which you can use to view your account activity, payments, transfers and overall health of your bank account or accounts. Using the app you can see instantly if you have gone overdrawn, you can pay friends and receive money at speed, you can track direct debits and you can even pay people or credit cards directly from the app. Download the app and get used to viewing it each day to stay on top of your banking.

Tracking Spends

There are a huge number of brilliant apps on the market which you can use to simply and easily track our spends. More often than not it is our spending habits which can get us into trouble financially, so tracking them is the perfect solution to helping us understand how much we spend, and learn from how much we spend. Most of the apps feature a simple addition feature whereby you can scan the receipt after a transaction, which it will then add to your spending tracker, you can also manually input info and then at the end of the month you can see a detailed breakdown of all that you have spent, and where you have spent it.


Staying on top of your finances is one thing, but planning ahead for the future also makes a great deal of sense and this is something which you can also do from your mobile. As well as finding spend tracking apps online, you can also find a huge range of financial planning apps which can help you work towards your savings goals. Planning ahead like this is the only way that you can stay focused on what you are trying to do, and though the app you can breakdown exactly how much you need, and how you can save in order to achieve it. These apps are full of great tools to help you plan, as well as offering advice and insights to help you to stay driven to achieve your financial goals.

Don’t let money get the better of you, manage from your mobile for the best results.