Doom Eternal Tips to Help You Go to Hell And Back, And Survive

June 8, 2021 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

Games are there to be played and enjoyed, but some Xbox games will surely drag you to hell. The only question is can you come back and survive another run? Even losing at top online casinos game feels like doom, especially when you stake a lot of money

We have taken time to list and briefly explain basic tips that can be applied to shun away from demon surge. Demons will surely be crushed. 

Never Stop Moving In Combat

When engaging in Doom Eternal, make it mandatory to always move. The moment that you stop, be assured to be among other Doom Slayers corpses in Hell. Moving across the arena and passing through the arena will help you to gain much momentum. Check the blue bars that show you how much you would have gone in gaining power-ups. 

Always Use Flame Belch On A Glory Or Chainsaw Kill For Extra Armor

Do not entertain the demons; everything you do is meant to crush them. By unlocking the Flame Belch, you are amassing power to put the demons in flames. By burning creatures, you are actually banking overtime. The more you kill them, the more you will have power, as well as more time to play. The Glory Kill gives you health while the Chainsaw gives you amour. 

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Stop And Look Around For Secrets When It’s Quiet

There are moments in Doom Eternal that are quiet. You can use these moments to interact with the surroundings to look for secrets. Look at the map and study it. The liberty to look around is always there. There are secrets out there that will help you amass longevity in the game. By taking a breath, you will have a chance to investigate around, familiarizing yourself with the landscape.