Common Visa Application Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Application

November 28, 2018 , In: Education , With: No Comments

Your visa application to work and migrate to the UK could take time. Its acceptance or rejection is in the hands of the state, and they have the sole right to determine what to do with your application. There are requirements for you to submit and interviews to go through before you get visa approval. You need to take the steps seriously and follow all of the requirements asked of you. You might commit mistakes though that could hurt your chances of getting visa approval.

Failure to send all the necessary documents

You can’t afford to forget even one document as it could affect the entire application. In some instances, it is possible for you to submit the additional materials needed before the immigration officer makes a decision. Take your time to go through all the records before submission. Create a checklist for you to go back before sealing the documents in an envelope. You also need to create copies of these documents if you need to submit them in the future for other purposes.

Not paying the right amount

To file the visa, you need to pay the filing fee. The amount depends on the type of visa you are applying for, length of stay in the UK, and your home country. You need to know the amount you will pay during the submission of documents. Failure to pay the exact amount will prevent your application from moving forward.

Submitting documents that have no translation

If you come from another country where English is not the primary language, all your records might be in your native language. You need to have an official translation of these documents. Otherwise, your submitted papers will be invalid. There are translation services where you can go if you want to ensure that the immigration officer will accept the translated documents. The translator also needs to submit the name, address, phone number and signature if the immigration office wants to validate the information provided.

Inconsistent signature

You need to sign several documents during your application. You need to be consistent with your signature. Make sure that you use the same signature on every document to avoid getting questions about inconsistency. Check all the materials that require your name since its absence will invalidate the said record right away.

Giving false information

Deliberately providing incorrect information to pursue your visa application is illegal. If the immigration office notices it, your visa application will no longer proceed. You might not even have the opportunity to appeal your rejection. Regardless of your reason for providing incorrect information or falsification of the document, it is not right.

Not getting help

You need the best immigration solicitors UK firms employ to help you get through the process. Without the help of these experts, it might be difficult for you to finish everything on time. You might also have a high chance of rejection. Find the best lawyer now and set up a meeting to discuss your case and get started.