Home Improvements That Are Guaranteed To Have Strong ROIs

November 17, 2018 , In: DIY / Home Improvement , With: No Comments

The real estate term ROI refers to a return on investment, which means how much you will profit off of an improvement after paying for it. Homeowners should be prioritizing renovations with steep ROIs whenever they want to add value to their house or stick a for sale sign in their front lawn. 

Front Doors 

A new front door is one of the greatest improvement projects with high ROIs that residents should include in their renovation plans — when steel is the primary panel material it often gets a one hundred percent return rate or more. The upgraded entrance will also add value to the property by improving its curb appeal and amplifying its energy efficiency.  

Look for a door manufacturer in Ottawa that offers high-quality replacements so that you can get that healthy return on investment. One company that is always a reliable choice for homeowners and builders alike is Golden Windows — they are known for having a stellar reputation and for the exceptional long-lasting value of their window and door products. They also have over fifty years of experience designing tremendous Ottawa doors and installing them.


In the same vein as upgraded entrance doors, sets of windows are also a wise decision for big renovation plans. The country’s official appraisal institute found that new windows were one of top five renovations that add value to a house — the average recovery rate veers between fifty to one hundred percent when a property sells.  

Brilliant windows are also prized in the real estate business because they make the rooms look inviting. They create the illusion of spaciousness, so buyers will feel like they will have enough room to move in their furniture. Rooms look warm and welcoming when they fill up with natural light, instead of gloomy and dark.

Don’t forget window furnishings, to dress up your brand new windows. One of the most sought after products would be plantation shutters. They add curb appeal and being an expensive long lasting product, will add a lot of value and appeal to your home. You can work out how much plantation shutters cost here.


In comparison to other popular home improvements like upgrading the kitchen or landscaping the front yard, painting is an inexpensive task that brings a surprising amount of value to a house. Slapping on fresh coats to your walls, ceilings and trims is considered one of the best home renovations for the biggest ROI — it results in an average recovery rate of sixty percent and its seen as an excellent enticement for buyers when you put your property up for sale on the real estate market.

Painting is a relatively risk-free and straightforward project to take on by yourself, but for guaranteed positive results you should think of hiring professionals to help. They will assist you in picking out the right shades and then neatly apply them, so there are absolutely no mistakes.

One other improvement that didn’t make the ‘official list’ is tankless water heaters. For households with 4 or more people, investing in a tankless water heater can really add up to big savings over the long run. The only catch is that there an initial investment, as these units are fairly expensive. Thankfully, there are many ways to save on your next tankless water heater.  

Only adding projects that have high return on investments in your renovation plans is a smart strategy that will boost the value of your property and impress buyers who are looking for a new home. Once you make that official sale, you will put money back in your pocket and proudly say that your house was able to pay for itself.