Brewfest Prize Token is the WoW currency you need right now

October 16, 2019 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

If for some reason you are unaware, Brewfest has happened again in World of Warcraft! The event lasted until October 6th and gave you the chance to earn Brewfest Prize Tokens which are used to purchase festival clothing and special items. To get them you need to complete quests including some daily quests also.

There is special alcohol, strange festive clothing items and even some Battle Pets to buy using the Brewfest Prize Tokens.

  • Where are the Brewfest Camps?

There are two of them, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde. These are your base of operations for the holiday and where you can complete the daily quests and mini-games to collect those precious Brewfest Prize Tokens. Alliance camp is outside the Gates of Ironforge while the Horde camp is on the western side of Durotar and beyond the Gates of Origimmar.

  • The quests

You will be given some introduction quests to start with which will reward you with token or special event items. There are other quests as well including Ram Racing which is a Brewfest exclusive mini-game where you will need to move as fast as possible and collect the Brewfest Kegs before the time on the ram runs out. The better you do, the more Brewfest Prize Tokens you collect from the quest. It’s also possible to lower or rest your ram’s fatigue so that it doesn’t become exhausted and much slower. The Chowdown mini-game has you compete against other players where you all need to eat sausages as quickly as possible. Whoever eats 10 plates first is the winner, completing it rewards you with Brewfest Prize Tokens and the winner gets a Chowdown Champion Token. Naturally there are daily quests to complete also, they are exclusive which means you can only complete one of them each day.

  • What are Chowdown Champion Tokens?

These are the reward you are given for winning a Chowdown mini-game. You are given one token for each time you win and you need five of these tokens to receive the Brewfest Chowdown Trophy. What does the trophy give you? Bragging rights and a trophy you can show off to other players but cannot sell. The Brewfest Showdown Trophy binds to players when they pick it up. The Chowdown Champion Tokens also bind to players so it’s still uncertain if they have any value for trading by not picking them up.

  • What are the prizes for Brewfest 2019?

Many of the items you can get from the event are clothing, mounts and different pets also. This includes the Brewfest Keg Pony, the Wolpertinger’s Tankard and Stout Alemental. Some of the items, pets and mounts can be traded but there are also a few that are bind on pickup and the Heirloom Upgrades bind to your Account.

  • Brew of the Month Club Membership

Buying a Brew of the Month Club Membership starts a quest that enrolls your character into the Brew of the Month Club. You will be given a new brew in the mail every month with a new drinks that have unique side-effects, a full list of them is available online but that would ruin the surprise!

  • Getting the most Tokens

The only option in Brewfest is to complete as many quests as possible during the event. Take a good look at the list of potential prizes during this Brewfest so see how many Brewfest Prize Tokens you need for the ones you want. Double check what you can sell and buy, if you’re good at some quests then you can collect those items and sell them to players who aren’t as good, who would in turn buy WoW gold to purchase your tokens.