Top Tips from the Experts for the Perfect Product Label Design                                                            

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Product labelling can be quite a challenge, particularly if it’s your first time releasing a product onto the market. The label of your product should be appropriate for whatever product you are trying to sell, but not only this – it needs to be attractive to your target audience as well. You can easily make mistakes with your product label, and you can then end up with a product that doesn’t fly off the shelves just because the label is all wrong. But if you want to make sure that your product label is a success, here are some top tips from the experts for the perfect design for your product label.

  • Remember ‘K.I.S.’

You may have already heard of ‘K.I.S.,’ which simply stands for ‘Keep it simple.’ In fact, the simpler your design, the better. If there is too much going on in your label, your customers can become overwhelmed. Your fonts and images should be clear, clean, simple, and easy to understand. This is equally true if you have a food product with nutrition information – some consumers look closely at the nutrition information, so make sure this is easy to read as well.

  • Pick your colours carefully

Without a doubt, colours can have an impact on your product label. The proper colours make a huge difference. One thing you can avoid is having colours that clash on your product label. Concentrate on choosing colours which complement each other. Also, make sure that your colours are consistent. For example, if you want to communicate a particular flavour to consumers, stick with colours which are often associated with that flavour, such as green for green leafy vegetables and purple or violet for grapes. Colour association will help your customer easily find whatever flavour they want. One more piece of advice from the experts: try to make use of a pop of colour. If you have a pop of colour against a white or black background, this can help your label stand out.

  • Be mindful of your fonts

While generic fonts are safe, they can give your customers the impression that the label wasn’t well-thought-out, which can give them the further idea that your product wasn’t carefully planned, either. The thing with fonts is to choose a unique font for your label but try not to use too many. Two fonts should be enough, so your label is easy to read and consistent. If you already have a font for your brand, then stick to this. It makes your product easier to recognise since customers are already familiar with the font. Make sure as well that your font is readable; don’t make it too small so that you can cram information onto your label (hence, K.I.S.).

  • Use a unique shape 

If you’re using a bottle for your product, perhaps you can choose a unique shape for the label. A unique shape is more likely to attract attention. If you are using a different container, consider a unique shape for the label as well, but don’t forget to make sure that the shape of the label is appropriate for the container. It wouldn’t do to choose a label shape that doesn’t fit – it will probably peel, fall off, or crack. If you need more help with the label, you can get more expert advice from the suppliers of labelling machines as well – they know all about the industry, after all.

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