4 Ways to Save Money on a Motorhome Trip

February 15, 2020 , In: Auto, Travel , With: No Comments

Taking a campervan road trip is the best way to explore a destination and get away from the bustle of everyday life. But some people can be deterred from taking such a trip, thinking it’ll be expensive and difficult to organise. And while a campervan trip contains certain costs, like the rental of the vehicle, refilling fuel and potential toll roads, it is a more budget-friendly holiday than other options. But by following these four tips for saving money on a motorhome trip, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the journey!

1.  Create a Budget

This is the biggest tip for saving money and being careful with your spending, and by skipping this step you fail before you’ve even started! Take some time before your trip to sit down and think about the specifics. Here are several things to consider:

  • What country are you visiting? What is the exchange rate currently?
  • Will you be visiting cities or smaller towns? These will require different budgets as prices differ in metropolitan areas.
  • What kind of activities are you planning to do? For example, hiking is certainly cheaper than bungee jumping or shopping.
  • Will you be eating out often?

Create a daily goal for how much you plan to spend, taking into account where you’ll be then and which days have specific activities or events.

2.  Stick to that Budget!

Sounds simple, but it’s harder to stick to a budget than it is to create one. Challenge yourself this holiday by following your budget throughout your trip. Paying only in cash can really help this, as you can separate cash for each day and it feels more influential when paying for something then. Slip up one day? Don’t fret about it, you’re on holiday, so also enjoy yourself! Just ensure you don’t get a big surprise when you come home and check your bank account.

3.  Plan Ahead

Part of this was making your budget, but it doesn’t stop there. To really save money while travelling, you’ve got to be organised. Cooking instead of eating out can save you a fair amount, and to save money on groceries look for specific cheaper supermarkets, or buy fresh produce along the way. Avoid wasting food – and money- by planning your meals in advance. And be sure to bring tupperware for leftovers!

Planning ahead also refers to buying things you may need before you leave, as you know which supermarkets offer the best price. And this helps you avoid purchasing at petrol stations, where the prices can be extreme. Fuel is a necessary cost for a road trip, but lower the amount spent by using apps such as Waze, which show you the cheapest places to get fuel.

4.  Use a Sharing Platform

If you own a motorhome, this tip will sadly not apply! But if you’re looking to rent a motorhome or campervan for your trip, then save money by organising your campervan hire through a sharing platform. Private owners rent out their vehicle for a lower price than professional companies, and it allows you to participate in the sharing economy!