3 Ways You Save More Money on Your Upcoming Getaway

December 8, 2018 , In: Money, Travel , With: No Comments

When travel is in your near future, saving money should be part of the equation.

With that being the thought, are you going to save some dollars or end up regretting you went away in the first place?

With some planning in place, you can do the former and come away with a big smile on your face by the time your trip ends.

Looking for Deals as Early on as Possible

In your efforts to save more money on your next getaway, remember a few pointers:

1. Shop around – Don’t take the first flight or hotel you come across online. By doing some shopping around, you are more apt to save money on your trip. It is also good to study the trends when it comes to shopping for getaway savings. For instance, buying an airline ticket on certain days of the week can save you money. Also, note that hotel rates in general are cheaper on weeknights than as opposed to the weekend. It would also pay to sign you up for different rewards programs. For example, mileage rewards with your favorite airline can lead to savings on a flight. By doing some homework on how to save on your next getaway, you won’t fret as much over how much the venture is going to cost.

2. Where you go – Of course where you go will determine how much money you will spend. With that in mind, don’t think that theme parks are going to price you out. There are many great deals out there on some of the top theme park attractions across the country. With that being the case, take the time to look into a Disney planning guide. That guide can direct you to fun and savings should Disney be on your agenda. If looking for quality time with the children, Disney or other venues are great for your little ones.

3. When you go – Last, the time of year you go away on a trip will also factor into what you are going to end up paying. That said see if you schedule any getaways for when prices will be lower as will crowds. An example of this is when you travel with your children to a resort area. Going to Florida at spring break with your children does not make a lot of sense. That is unless they are of high school or college age. Expect bigger crowds and paying more. Now, you may find it most conducive to go to Florida in the fall when crowds tend to be less and prices can be cheaper. The same would hold true if you live in the warm summer climate of Arizona. A trip over to Southern California beaches is going to be more expensive in the summertime. Try and go after Labor Day or even in the late spring.

By being pragmatic and searching for deals online, you make your getaway more fun and cheaper too.