4 Brilliant Ways to Save Money at the Hair Salon

June 27, 2018 , In: Fashion , With: No Comments

Getting your hair done at the salon doesn’t come cheap. In fact, anyone that regularly gets their hair cut or colored knows there’s a follow-up appointment coming up every 8-12 weeks, which means more money that needs to be spent.

While paying to get your hair professionally done is a luxury, and it’s always going to cost you some money, it’s not a bad idea to think about ways you can save money in the salon so you don’t have to feel quite so guilty every time you get your hair done.

1. Shampoo Before Your Visit

If you go to one of those fancy salons that make assistants shampoo your hair before your appointment with the stylist, shampoo your own hair before your appointment.

Sure, that feeling of having someone else shampoo and massage your head is simply amazing. But if you want to save money on the tips you pay out, avoid having someone other than your hair stylist clean your strands.

2. Don’t Buy Recommended Products

Isn’t it amazing how good your hair stylist can make your hair look by the end of your appointment? While using special products may have played a role in how good your hair looks, it’s likely your hair looks smashing because your stylist is used to working with people’s hair and when doing hair on others, it’s usually easier.

Don’t fall victim to the “buy this product” speech. Chances are you’ll never get your hair to look that good again, no matter which products you use.

Instead, invest your money in a professional grade hair dryer and tourmaline flat iron so your hair is easy to style and stays protected from the damage that comes with styling it with heated tools.

3. Pick a Low Key Style

If hitting the salon every two months isn’t something you want to do anymore, don’t give up on getting your hair done altogether.

Instead, opt for an easy to maintain hairstyle or color that won’t require so many visits. For example, get a haircut that has room to grow so getting your ends trimmed won’t be as necessary and it won’t be noticeable that your hair is growing out.

Or, get a hair color that allows for growth too. For example, trending ombre hair is the perfect solution for those that have fast growing hair that can’t keep up on root touchups every few weeks. In fact, getting an ombre is like getting permanent roots put into your hair, without it looking bad.

4. Avoid the Extras

We all know a time we’ve gotten sucked into paying tons of money for a deep conditioning treatment at the salon that we didn’t have the money for. But it was oh so good right?

Well, planning in advance not to get those kinds of treatments is a good way to save some much needed cash. Try wearing an overnight hair masque the night before your appointment so you still have the silky smooth results after your cut and color, without the double-size bill.

Better yet, warm your thickest conditioner and add it to dry hair 24 hours before your appointment. The shampoo you get will wash all that right out, leaving your hair to die for smooth, and your wallet full of extra moolah.

Getting your hair done doesn’t have to break the bank every time you go. With a little planning, and a little self-control, you can save money in the process and still splurge on yourself – which everyone deserves every now and then.