Slot Games worth playing

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Over the years, the casino market has evolved exponentially. When casinos unveiled slots, it was a historic moment. Their popularity knew no bounds. It was the next big thing. The simplicity and speed of the game drew in gamers from all walks of life. Slots have grown over the years. Nowadays slots are divided into various patterns and gaming modes.

They are popular in land-based casinos. They are even more popular online. Gamers are fraught with so many decisions when playing the best RTP slots. Should they play a game with bonuses? Should they play on their phone? Or on a computer? should they go to a casino to play slots? What is the optimum amount of lines? What are the chances of winning? To make their lives easier I have created a list composed with slots that are worth playing.

Why are slots worth playing?

Before giving you a few of the best slots it is a good idea to know why you are playing the slots. Just because something is popular, it does not mean that you should follow it. However, slots are a popular trend that you should follow.

Compared to every other casino game, you have a higher chance at reaching the houses edge. The more you play a casino game, the more likely you are to beat the house edge. Slot games are so quick that in the time it takes you to play a hand of Blackjack you can have ten slot games. Slots are also incredibly easy to play.

I would never advise anyone to walk into a casino without knowing how to play the games, but slots are an exception. You can walk in without any prior knowledge and double your money.

Slots worth playing

Most slots are worth playing. Deal or no deal is a personal favourite and one that is definitely worth playing. This is an entertaining slot as it coincides perfectly with the popular game show. This slot is not just about spinning, it includes elements of the game show.

Forget sitting a home shouting at the television, you now have the chance to try your luck against the banker. Another slots that is worth playing is Age of the Gods. If Greek mythology is your thing, then this is the slot for you. Be transported back in time to the age of Zeus and Ares. Show your worth against the ancient Gods.

This slot is so popular that it has actually been followed by a further 9 games. A series of games bound to appeal to all ages. Thunderstruck. You know a game is popular when they release a sequel. Thunderstruck (the original) and Thunderstruck II are full of great graphics. Similarly, to the Age of Gods, this slot follows the themes of Gods and Goddesses. Love Thor? You will love this slot.