Who Are The Top Seattle Seahawks Players Ever?

October 19, 2018 , In: Sports , With: No Comments

There is definitely no shortage of legendary players the Seattle Seahawks had in the past so picking only some is difficult. Now that Ryan Grigson joined, who knows what the future holds for the team? Looking back at those that were instrumental in the past is surely something fans want to see but such information is also valuable for those that are just fans and want to learn some football history.

Steve Largent

Serious football fans know Steve Largent. The former football player is forever engraved in the Hall of Fame and also did work as a Republican politician. Few know this but he did represent Oklahoma in the House Of Representatives between the years 1994 and 2002.

Team fans see Steve Largent as the best wideout player in the team’s history. Football fans often list him among the top 5 wideouts in history. This is controversial and can be debated though since some say his popularity was actually increased by the fact that he got into politics after retiring from professional football.

Marshawn Lynch

Many Seahawks fans still miss Marshawn Terrell Lynch. Although he now plays for Oakland Raiders, his time on the Seattle Seahawks is arguably the best part of his career. This is also because that is when he won the Super Bowl title. Lynch did retire in 2016 but he did come back in 2017. He was amazing to watch and it is not at all hard to find fans that see him as the best Seattle player ever.

Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is constantly praised and when you see him play it is easy to understand why. Ever since he joined the Seahawks, the team became dominant. Specialists said that he was a steal in the NFL draft and that he managed to easily impress and silence all initial critics.

Franco Harris

Franco Harris retired but most Seattle Seahawks fans still remember him, especially those that are older. He ended up transferred through the NFL Draft (1972) from the Pittsburgh Steelers during the very first round. The thirteenth overall selection was justified with great results.

Shaun Alexander

The name Shaun Edward Alexander is closely associated with the Seattle Seahawks but the retired NFL running back also had great results with the Washington Redskins.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, every single player mentioned above can be controversial, especially for the diehard Seattle Seahawks fan. However, it is hard to argue with the fact that absolutely every single one of them is or was a highly talented football player.

On the whole, the Seattle Seahawks always bring in great talent, no matter the season. Even if the team is not getting the desired results, much work is put into everything and every single person involved in the team needs to be respected. This includes the management staff, the training staff and the coaching staff. As a football fan you will love the plays made by this team but as a hardcore fan you can end up criticizing.