Which slot games are a good option for high rollers?

October 13, 2020 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

It really is incredibly difficult to overestimate how important Charles D. Fey was to the modern online slots industry, even considering the fact he died close to a century ago. You see, Charles D. Fey was the inventor behind the world’s first bona fide slot machine called the Liberty Bell machine all the way back at the tail end of the 1800s, and without him it would remain to be seen whether or not the online slot industry would even exist. 

And what an online slot industry it has become today, with developers such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil really pulling a rabbit out of a hat with their consistent stream of incredibly well thought out slot gambling games. One good thing about online slots and games in comparison to land-based slots is that they make it easier to predict whether or not big bets or small bets are required to win. With this in mind let’s take a look around the question, which slots games are a good option for high rollers? 

What does high roller mean? 

First things first, what does high roller mean? A lot of people won’t necessarily be so well acquainted with casino gambling slang, so we will do our best to describe exactly what a high roller means here. In essence, a high roller is a gambler that loves to take risks and gamble with large volumes of cash in order to try and win even bigger jackpot prizes. 

In order to be a successful high roller you really do have to be quite clever in the way that you gamble, and it is also definitely preferable to have a fairly sizeable bankroll too. In fact, without a large bankroll most high rollers will eventually go bankrupt, so this is definitely something to consider when you are weighing up whether or not to immerse yourself in the experience of being a high roller. 

What kind of slot games will a high roller want? 

One of the most important things to anybody trying to be a high roller is the need to be clever and savvy about the actual games you are playing, because if you are not you will quickly find yourself on the losing end of slot gambling. This is simply because some games make it easier than others to win large amounts with large bets, whereas this isn’t so much of a thing on other slots. 

There is a word for this, and its called slot volatility or variance. High rollers will want to find high variance slots, as it is there that will give them the best chance of winning huge jackpots from huge bets. 

Examples of slot games that are a good option for high rollers 

Right, that is the theory out of the way in regard to which slot games are good option for high rollers, so let’s give an example of a slot game that are a good option for high rollers here. 


Mega Joker simply has to be the one, as this NetEnt slot has an impressive RTP of pretty much 100% when played with the highest bet amounts.