What Is Involved In The Vasectomy Procedure

September 30, 2022 , In: Health & Fitness , With: No Comments

The whole vasectomy procedure from choosing your doctor, to discussing the procedure and detailing the Vasectomy Cost will be all be discussed in the following paragraphs. Everything you will need to know about each of these aspects of the vasectomy procedure and journey will be duly talked about. 

The first thing to determine is what exactly is a vasectomy? Well, a vasectomy is actually the most reliable form of contraception for men but due to the stigma that has attached itself to having a vasectomy there are a wide number of men that feel reluctant to undergo the vasectomy procedure. There is now a new and improved way of having a vasectomy than the standard scalpel and needle vasectomy that came as standard. There is actually the choice of having a safer, faster and less painful alternative that does not include the use of scalpels or needles. Who would not want to choose the alternative procedure? 

What then is involved when having a no-scalpel vasectomy procedure? It can also be known as a no-needle vasectomy or keyhole vasectomy but either way that it is referred to clearly states that it is much less invasive on the males. There is a very high number of men that do choose to have a vasectomy procedure each year but with the education and knowledge of a less invasive procedure and the use of no needles and scalpels, that number could greatly increase. The standard vasectomy procedure is known for causing scarring and the making of incision or sutures but when undergoing the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure there is a much lower risk, in fact a minimal risk, of scarring, there is a much-reduced recovery period and any infections or complications that would arise after the completion of the surgery are very severely reduced. The idea of having the vasectomy procedure is for male sterilization by diverting the vas deferens and it will prevent the transfer of sperm in the testicles. With the no-scalpel procedure the vas deferens duct is accessed through the use of a surgical dissecting clamp which helps to create an opening in the scrotum. That opening then allows the surgeon to visualize the ducts and reposition them without having to use a scalpel. 

How long does it take to recover from a vasectomy procedure? After having a no-scalpel vasectomy it is likely that normal activities can be resumed after 48 hours. There may still be some hints of pain as the anaesthetic wears off but this is nothing that an ice pack and some over the counter pain killers cannot help with. Any strenuous activities must be avoided for 3 days after the surgery to avoid any complications. 

How much does a vasectomy cost? The vasectomy procedure usually lasts for around 30 minutes in total and the visit will cost around $850 with a number of health insurance plans being accepted. With the no-scalpel procedure it can be said that it will certainly be money well spent.