How to buy Life Insurance as per your convenience?

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How much we care about our lives is proved by our intact goal settings. Good financial planning plays an important role in the same. There are many ways that can be done. One of the methods is to buy a good Life Insurance plan. Reason to invest in a Life insurance plan is simple. First, it gives us life coverage. Second, it is a financial investment which can give us good returns on maturity. With the help of the same, we can meet some major goals. Before buying Life Insurance plans we must be familiar with a few things. It can not only help in buying a right plan but also can provide maximum benefits. All that has been explained below.

How to buy Life Insurance? 

Life insurance plans can be purchased from multiple sources. Before understanding how we can buy life insurance plans we should know Life insurance companies. Some of the leading players are as follows:-

1 Life Insurance Corporation of India

2 Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance

3 Max New Your Life Insurance

4 ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

5 Birla Sun Life Insurance

6 Aviva Life Insurance 

7 PNP Met Life

8 SBI Life Insurance

9 Aditya Birla Capital

10 Aegon Life Insurance

11 HDFC ERGO Life Insurance

12 Exide  Life Insurance

13 HDFC Standard Life Insurance

14 IDBI Federal Life Insurance

15 Aviva India

16 Tata AIG

17 Reliance Life Insurance

We can easily buy them in the following ways.

  1. Website of Insurance Companies.
  2. Every Insurance companies have got their websites. Almost all have the facility to buy the policy online. We just need to provide the required details and make the payment. Policy documents can be directly received through email.
  3. Comparision websites.

  1. Nowadays comparison websites have made life quite easy. We can do a quick comparison to  buy a suitable policy. Some such comparitive sites are as follows
  • PolicyX.Com
  • Policy Bazaar
  • Coverfox
  • BankBazaar

  1. Visiting Insurance companies branch
  2. If buying online is not  your cup of tea than you have a choice. You can always visit the office of the Insurance companies and take the required policy. Usually, these companies are available all across India.
  3. Downloading App of Insurance companies or Web aggregators.

  • The most convenient way of purchasing anything is under the comfort of our roof. Even better is buying it anywhere anytime. We may be driving or traveling one thing we never miss is our mobile. We are living in an era of a smartphone with smart apps. It will be even smarter to leverage these gadgets. Best way to do is get the desired things at the best price. We can also get desired policy on touch of a figure. From premium calculation to comparison all can be done very easily.
  1. Banks 
  • Banks are one of the distribution channels of these Insurance companies. They got great credibility. It’s hard to imagine someone not having a bank account. Moreover, people often visit there for one reason or other. At times it’s easier to buy through them as there’s a comfort of dealing with the concerned person.
  1. Portfolio Managers

  • We may need to consult financial experts to get the suggestion for managing our wealth. There are many fund manager who can provide customise guidance. Investment in Life Insurance is always part of the portfolio of any Financial Advisors. We can address any of our query with them with ease.
  1. Insurance Managers

  • Insurance Managers are the agents hired by either Insurance companies or the Policy aggregators companies. If we know any of these agents we can always contact them directly.
  1. Custome Care

  • Last but not the least this can be another easy way of buying an Insurance plans. We can reach them on any of the toll-free numbers mentioned on the sites. They are very prompt in answering all our queries. At the same time facilitate the purchase as per our requirements.


Thus buying life Insurance online is a very simple process. We can choose any one as per our convenience.