How to Choose the Right Prom Dress for Your Body Shape

November 5, 2018 , In: Shopping , With: No Comments

As well as being aware of what is hot, and what is not right now, when dress shopping, it is important to keep in mind how the dress would look on your body shape.

We all have different body shapes, and depending on which shape our body is, different prom dresses can accentuate our figure. Choosing the right dress shade and silhouette for your body is easy with our how to guide.

First things first, is its important to check your measurements carefully before ordering, especially when its online. Its useful to have your detailed measurements to hand, and also check the size guide cautiously.

We will go over 4 main body types, they vary from person to person, and there are other shapes out there too, so use this as a general guide for which one you would best fit into.

Pear Shaped Figure

Pear shaped body shapes tend to have smaller shoulders than hips, together with a smaller bust. Their weight it typically carried on their hips.

Prom Dresses that work best…

We recommend a two-piece dress, where your tummy is on show and will flatter your figure. It offers a visual redistribution and balances your shape out amazingly. Try out long prom dresses with plunging V-necks, cowl necks or scoop necks. Typically, more structure on top gives you definition around your narrow shoulders and draws attention to your waist.

Apple Shaped Figure

An apple shaped figure tends to carry weight around the midsection. Usually described as ‘top-heavy’, where your bust is 3-4 inches bigger than your hips.

Prom Dresses that work best…

We love a cute shirt dress on apple shaped figures, which would balance out the midsection with a flowing fabric over the body. You can also show off your legs if you opt for a shorter shirt.

For your prom dress, we would go for a mid-length sheath column fit prom dress to compliment your shape. This silhouette is not too figure hugging around the midsection, and will accentuate your other areas.

Hourglass Shaped Figure

This is one of the least common shapes for women, where the hip and bust are about equal in size, with a slim waist. The hourglass shade as defined waist, and flattering curves.

Prom Dresses that work best…

With this silhouette, we recommend choosing flattering v-neck dresses, and aiming to balance your top and bottom whilst highlighting your waist. For plus size prom dresses, we would pair it with a belt or dress that pinches at the midsection.

Rectangle Shaped Figure

This body shape is easily associated with a taller frame. It is typically characterized by squared off shoulders and hips, and evenly distributed weight across the body.

Prom Dresses that work best…

JJ’s House designer Jessica suggests ‘For your prom dress, we would go with an a-line silhouette and a long prom dress, this gives a wonderful tailored look that appears to lengthen the spin, emphasize the shoulders and collar bone, and loosely drape over the body in the best places, giving the look of understated curves’.