Which is the best Shower Cleaner?

October 31, 2019 , In: DIY / Home Improvement , With: No Comments

It is very difficult to fathom in our world of advertising and multiple products available for a singular task, which is going to be the best shower cleaner and the most effective. 

I decided to take note of each one that I trialled, usually just grabbing the cheapest unless something has been recommended to me by a friend. I started noticing that some of the cheaper ones were quite effective, but then would no longer be available in the shops I bought them from. Other more expensive products didn’t seem to do the job quite as well, and sometimes ones that were recommended to me didn’t work at all.   

Then I found 30 Seconds


I’d seen this product available not just in supermarkets, but also in hardware stores. Places where I can usually trust that if they are stocking it, it works. After all with the big wave of DIY in our social environment, they must stock products that work. Otherwise they would have tremendous problems. 

I had high expectations for 30 seconds Shower Cleaner. It ticked most of the boxes. Minimising most of the problems I associate with cleaning bathrooms and showers as an extreme chore, as the one I put off, the last task, just before I do the floors.. 


Not almost clean, not clean with smudges, not clean with a grimy surface that dust immediately sticks to after all your hard scrubbing. 

Not Shower glass that looks clean until the first shot of steam from your hot shower fogs up the glass, where the soap scum forms into rivulets that look like they are laughing at you and your efforts. 

Not glass that shines, with a background of grout that retains moulds, dark smudges against the perfect white tiles. 

Not the green copper discolouration that edges its way along perfect silver taps and shower heads. 

Not staining around the drains and plugs caused from the high levels of treatments mixed into our water supply.

Not the sneaky difficult corners in the bottom of the shower where the dark tufts of mildew refuse to budge, making a little home for themselves, a difficult spot for even cleaning cloths to reach.

Not the patches up in the corners of the roof, where the ventilation fan refuses to dry them, where dark shadowy spots grow.   

Not the need to open the window to allow flies and other insects, just so enough air can circulate to ventilate the space enough to reduce mould growth.

No, not any of the above, I just like Clean.


The reason I keep the bathroom and shower cleaning until last, is because the depth of dirty for such a necessarily hygienic spot in the house is usually magnified times ten. I know to do it right, and not be upset by all previously stated upsets, I need to use strong chemicals that actually clean, to keep the bathroom mould and contaminate free. To do so, most of the effective cleaners have a strong smell of bleach or chlorine, I need to frantically spray, run from the area, slamming the door, leaving the area closed for long enough for the chemicals take effect, and return with a mask to scrub at the hard bits and squiggy the glass. So having a bathroom cleaner with a pleasant smell, that takes only seconds to work is important to me. It means I am not wasting precious time cleaning. I won’t end up with that metallic taste in my mouth from breathing in the bleach. The squirmish nauseous feeling in my stomach, which precludes me from being able to clean further, or have the energy or interest to cook dinner afterwards. So the last job, is always the bathroom. 


While I am very environmentally aware, and appreciate recycling, biodegradable products and everything my small actions can do to help the earth. When it comes to hygiene, I’ve become lax at trying products that claim eco friendliness, because usually they just don’t contain the ingredients necessary to clean to the standards I hold for myself. They just don’t work.


30 seconds shower and bathroom cleaner had to live up to high expectations I had for it. 

It did so easily.

This spray and walk away (not run) was true to its advertised applications. It took only seconds to spray all areas, The smell was pleasant enough that I didn’t have to run, or use a mask. It ate through even the toughest bacterias, germs, moulds, mildews and stains. The glass retained a streak free, clear polished effect that looked like it had a waterproof sheen that stopped further soap scum forming. 

I was very pleased with the effect on all surfaces, mostly because dreading the bathroom clean and keeping it to the end is now totally unnecessary. 30 Seconds and their range of products will definitely be on my list to trial further.