Top Movies To Watch On Netflix For Halloween

October 26, 2019 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

Bring your Halloween celebration to the next level by hosting a Netflix Halloween Streaming Session! From the old school classics to modern supernatural chillers, here are the best horror movies to include to the list for Halloween 2019

The Conjuring 

No horror movie list is complete without The Conjuring… except if you’re looking for the best slasher movies! The Conjuring is based on true cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The first movie of the franchise brings us to Rhode Island where the Perron Family just moved into a mansion. But things don’t go as planned when they discover that a vengeful spirit of a witch threatens to kill the children of the Perron. The fact that they look like a normal family facing supernatural forces gives it another touch of chills. A must addition to the list! 


In space… no one can hear you scream! Alien was a revolution in terms of horror movies with extra-terrestrial lives. But what made it a masterpiece is the meticulously crafted, intelligent and survival situations faced by crew members of the Nostromo. Gone were the days when aliens looked grey with big eyes… this one is totally the opposite, with no eyes, slick and thin and serpentine! Audiences were caught in total tension and off-guard! Because Alien is a movie where you cannot actually expect what will happen next. Like who knew that someone will have an alien bursting from their chest! 


We are not referring to the flop 2016 reboot of ghostbusters. It’s the 1984 movie directed by Ivan Reitman. Obviously, Ghostbusters is not actually horror, but it is still a movie where monsters roam the streets… just like for Halloween! We are introduced to a group of supernatural investigators who have sworn to drive back Zuul, a demigod of destruction. If you want a good dose of laugh without leaving creepy monsters’ sides, then this movie is a must. 

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At a time when scary movies were going down, came James Wan’s with mainstream haunted house films. But Insidious brings our fears closer to somewhere known as The Further. It starts as most movies do, a family moving into a new home… But this time, it’s not the house that ends up being haunted… it’s the kid, Dalton, who begins a voyage to the spirit world. Where there are spirits, demons are not far! And on Insidious, all hell breaks loose… So much that fours movies were not enough to contain them! 

The Witch

We are brought to the middle ages where New England townsfolks believe a witch has cursed their households. Each minute, the story gets more gripping… where everything appearing on screen seems to have something fishy. The Witch showcases the medieval witch fears in perfection, with details linked to witches superstitions such as witches sabbath, black goats, sacrifice of babies and everything else related to medieval witches. Forget about wands and Abracadabra on this one, for sure.