New Bingo Games Online 

February 18, 2021 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

Bingo has always been great, and it’s a casino game with a lot of history. However, it is also a casino game that gets better all of the time, and now that more and more punters are trying their hand at it online, the games online are getting better as well. 

While slots are still a more popular form of online casino, bingo could well be catching up, and the past couple of years have seen a lot of awesome bingo games that you can check out for yourself online – play Cops and Robbers slots.

For this reason, we thought we would be good to put together a list of some of the best online bingo games from recent times, so that you can see for yourself how far the game of bingo has come, and maybe even find a game that you stick with for a little while. 

So here it is, enjoy our list of the best new bingo games online

Bingo Blast 

If anyone knows how to make online casino games, it’s Pragmatic Play. While we’re a lot more used to their slot games than we are to their bingo games, this does not mean that they are an excellent developer when it comes to bingo. 

Bingo Blast is more than a testament to that. As far as online bingo goes, it’s incredibly therapeutic thanks to its beautiful, smooth graphics and colours. If you’re looking for an immersive, relaxing and overall really enjoyable online bingo game, then Pragmatic Play’s Bingo Blast could well be the one for you. 

Fluffy Favourites Bingo 

Speaking of bingo games that come from slot game developers, why not check out Fluffy Favourites Bingo? The Fluffy series is one of the most famous in online slot game history, so if you are a bingo fan, it would be rude not to check out its bingo counterpart. 

This one is actually in collaboration with Virtue Fusion, who did most of the bingo work, but we do of course have to give credit to the guys who invented Fluffy in the first place. Props to you, EyeCon Gaming! Nonetheless, it’s been executed beautifully. Fluffy Favourites Bingo is a lot of fun to play. 

Hex Bingo 

We’re loving this modern wave of visually relaxing bingo games, just like we talked about with Bingo Blast, and we’re happy to be able to add another one to that list in the form of Hex Bingo. 

Fear not – the hex we’re talking about here refers not to a witch’s curse, but instead to hexagons. Somehow, the beautifully designed hexagon shapes in Hex Bingo make for a really visually absorbing online bingo game that you are going to love to play. 

Compared to the other two bingo games in this list, there are a lot less balls. Both of the before are 90 ball bingo games whereas Hex Bingo is just a 30 ball game, but this makes it a lot more relaxing to play in a sense.