Tips on Making a Newspaper For a Birth

February 2, 2020 , In: Shopping , With: No Comments

If you have to get someone a new baby gift then you are probably going to find it tough to get the gift that is just right. Here you run the risk of picking up a gift that someone else has perhaps bought as well, a gift which isn’t received well or perhaps one that just won’t get used. The reason why it is tough is because you are buying a gift for a baby and let’s be honest, they don’t have too many interests or hobbies!

The key here then is to get a gift which is memorable, and one of the best ideas is to create a newspaper of the day that the baby was born. You could buy a paper of the day that they were born of course, but making your own works even better, and here is how to do it.

Online Template

There are some fantastic websites which offer a newspaper template which you can use, and then design your paper through the site. There is a range of colors and styles which you can choose from, in order to get it just right. Browse the various templates before making your choice.

Local News

The newspaper that you create can have some big national news stories if you feel that one of them is important enough to feature, but the paper should really be filled up with local family stories. Writing about the birth itself for example is a great idea, as it is something that many people want to know when they are older. Instead of asking their parents when they grow up, the details can all be found in the paper.


Don’t forget to include plenty of images in the paper, especially surrounding the part where the birth is reported. Shots of the hospital, the parents and of course the baby itself are a great touch to add here. Reading about your own birth like it is a news story is a great idea and with some good quality images you can really add value to the story.


It is important that once you have printed the newspaper that you also take the time to laminate it. Remember that this is going to last a lot longer than any normal newspaper which is exactly why you need to give it some protection. The paper is likely to be stored away in a dusty place, as well as going through plenty of leafing over by grubby hands. To protect the newspaper be sure that you get it laminated once it is printed.

The key to making the paper special is down to the details, this is likely to be read many times over during the years, so having details just adds that little bit of freshness each time it is read. By details we refer to captions, fake adverts, that type of thing. If you get this right, it could very well be one of the best gifts that the new baby could hope for.