The Importance of Buying Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Bulk

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Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, where the car company installed “cheat” machines during testing to make it seem like diesel vehicles complied with environmental standards when in fact they didn’t, made headlines around the world. But don’t confuse one company’s wrongdoing with the broader chemical industry itself.

There are responsible chemical companies specializing in “sustainable chemistry” which distribute thousands of commodity, specialty and ingredient products within Canadian markets at all stages of the supply chain. This includes trend-setting sources, blending, packaging, and transport to the end-user.

The bulk sale of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a chemical which significantly reduces diesel exhaust engine NOx emissions, is evidence that there are chemical companies committed to environmental protection.

How Does DEF Work?

DEF is a high-purity solution that is about one-third automotive-grade urea, and two-thirds pure de-ionized water. Along with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emission-reducing technology, it lessens NOx emissions. In essence, it’s a non-flammable and non-toxic liquid without any colour or smell that poses no possible threat to people, the environment, or equipment.

Once the DEF is injected into the exhaust system of SCR-equipped diesel engines, it breaks down the NOx molecules into nitrogen and water, rendering them harmless. Since 2010, the Canadian government has had strict emission targets under the Clean Air Act for new diesel vehicles.

For a range of information about DEF, other chemicals and the chemical industry, you can learn more at CCC Chemicals by clicking here today. Using DEF is the simplest, quickest and cleanest way to get your diesel vehicle to comply with common regulatory standards.

Bulk Sales of DEF

DEF is environmentally-friendly when used by one car, but it makes its true impact when used on an industrial scale. There are companies which specialize in tailoring bulk DEF packages to your needs, supplying everything from: Tote, Drums, Pails, and of course Bulk DEF. Find a company supplying your bulk DEF needs in major markets in Ontario, Montreal and Western Canada.

Using DEF in diesel-powered vehicles like tractors, buses, trucks and farm tractors helps to reduce the amount of nitrus oxide emitted into the air by as much as 90%: connect with a company that specializes in bulk sales of DEF today, and the environment will be grateful.

Maintaining Your DEF Properly

Depending on how you use your vehicle, it’s estimated that it’s best to refill your automobile’s DEF tank every 4,000-10,000 kilometres. That’s a big range, but your automobile will have a gauge specifically indicating when it’s time to put in more DEF. If there isn’t enough in the tank, your car may not even start, so it can’t be ignored.

Call a Bulk DEF Supplier Today

Whether you are just trying to comply with emission targets, protect the environment, or you simply want improved performance from your diesel cars, you need DEF. You don’t need to wade very far into the science to know that DEF is too important and useful not to use. Help everyone move on from Volkswagen’s scandal, and contact your bulk DEF supplier today.