The Best Books You Can Read While Travelling

October 4, 2021 , In: Travel , With: No Comments

Reading a novel is just something that a lot of travellers do. You need to find the best books to read while traveling. Read about something that will inspire you and put you in a traveling mood. You, you can’t be reading about something that will put you off or change your mood.

The Wild Places 

According to a blog by, a book by Robert MacFarlane that seeks to tell a story of a journey by train. If you have never travelled by train before you will be inspired to take a train trip one day. In his philosophical way of writing, he explores the different places in the UK and the wildlife that resides there.


This is a book telling a story of a fugitive from Australia by Gregory David Roberts. While you are reading this journey book you can relate to the different places and cultures that you interact with when you travel. If you are planning to travel to India this is the book you can read seeing that it paints a clear picture of the lifestyle of Indians.

How To Travel The World On $10 A Day 

There is no other book that will make you want to leave everything you are doing and take that vacation that you have been meaning to take. The book seeks to tell travellers how they can plan their trips on a low budget but still get to enjoy their vacations.

The waiting land 

The story tells the story of the amazing land of Nepal. In history, the land is known to have a lot of visitors every year. This is the place that you ought to visit after winning from best casino games.


All of these books are a great inspiration to those who would love to travel. You can read before traveling or you can read while you’re on your journey.