Is Social Media Still Relevant Online Marketing

November 16, 2018 , In: Business, Tech , With: No Comments

Five years ago social media was the hottest online marketing category with top platforms like Facebook and Twitter threatening to steamroll other online marketing strategies, and make antiquated, strategies like e-mail marketing and website marketing them from the online marketing conversation.

The enthusiasm seemed to be justified with members flocking to Facebook and brands reporting great interaction statistics. There was also developed a new marketing language created around social media marketing that included Likes, Shares and Going Viral. However like anything that is overhyped, brands have come to realize that social media marketing has assumed a place in the overall online marketing pantheon of products that companies need to be smart about utilizing.

As time has gone on and companies like Facebook have run into issues with regulators and members, the questions is emerging about the ongoing viability of social media marketing and many are questioning whether it is still relevant and a viable investment. Online marketing companies like Click Consult still place social media marketing as a key component of every online marketing strategy they implement. Here are a few of the lessons they have learned about creating effective social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is Still Relevant

With the numbers of people on social media passing the 2 billion mark and continuing to climb, social media marketing still remains a vibrant and relevant part of any smart online marketing strategy. What is clear however is that the strategies for using it effectively have changed and marketers have to adjust to the new realities. These include:

What Moves People on Social Media is Being Involved in Something

The foundation of social media is being part of a group that has a common interest. This group phenomenon also creates a Fear OF Missing Out (FOMO) effect which when tapped into by marketers can be very effective. This starts with creating a group dynamic where relationships are built first. Then the group can be moved together.

Don’t Hound Social Networkers

People come to social networking platforms to see friends, interact on interesting topics and to be entertained. They are not there to be marketed to relentlessly. So your approach to engaging them needs to center on proving interesting, fun or entertaining relevant content subjects. From there you can build a great relationship with them and then there will arise an opportunity to market to them. Any other strategy can cause your brand to be damaged on social media platforms.

The primary point in both of these tips is that in order to make social media marketing a great investment, you must exercise patience when you do social media marketing. Building relationships is the key and this takes time. But if you go down this route and pay attention to the needs of members, you will have a great chance at bearing fruit.