Road Trip Prep 101, How to Ensure Your Road Trip Rocks

April 24, 2018 , In: Auto, Travel , With: No Comments

As the summer approaches many of us will be looking at loading the car up, packing in friends or family and hitting the open road for a wonderful trip away. The key to the perfect road trip comes down to a couple of things, firstly you need to get the right group of people, secondly you need to ensure that you have all you need, and finally you must make sure that you put in the work when it comes to getting prepared.

To help make sure that you have thought of everything prior to leaving, here is a quick prep list for you to run through.

Car Maintenance

Time to get the boring stuff out of the way first and make sure that your car is actually ready for this trip. One of the worst things that can happen to you when you are on the road trip is that you breakdown, especially given that more often than not, it will happen late at night, in the middle of nowhere. Before you head off, you must check your tire tread and your tire pressure to ensure that they are within the requirements; you shod also check that all lights on the car are working; as well as checking the levels of fluids such as brake fluid and oil, prior to heading off. If you are in any doubt as to the condition of your car, take it to a local mechanic to give it a health check.


Road trips wouldn’t be the same without games to play, music to listen to and things to do during those quiet moments. For this reason you simply must put the effort in ahead of time to download music and movies, put together playlists and come up with some fun and inclusive games that everyone can play together in the car. Whenever I take a road trip I will put a lot of work into the entertainment and also throw a couple of balls or a frisbee into the trunk, you’d be surprised just how often those balls come in handy to keep people entertained.


One of the greatest pleasures when it comes to road trips is the freedom which you have, the flexibility to go anywhere you like, whenever you like. With this being said however, traveling without a destination is madness and you must at least have that planned out before you go. Knowing what direction you are going in can help you plan your stops, where you will eat, refuel, and also to help you find places to go and experiences to be had. There is a great level of satisfaction when you find some marvel off the beaten path, and freedom is all well and good, but it does make sense to at least know whether you are going left or right.

Get these aspects prepped and you can count on a great road trip, and a wonderful experience.