Randy Wooten – Why Drumming Is The Best Instrument To Start With

July 13, 2021 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

Whilst he may be biased, Blue Man Group drummer Randy Wooten has been recently talking about the drums are the best musical instrument to get started with, for any kid. Now whilst this may certainly be true, in fact it probably is, we have to recognize the fact that not every kid is able to get their hands on a drum kit from an early age. To those who are able to however, there is a world of opportunity out there just waiting for them, and here is exactly why this is the instrument to get started with.

Few and far Between

One of the most compelling reasons why the drums is the best instrument to get started with is that you are going to have the chance to get loads of practice in. The reason for this is that there really aren’t many drummers and at a young age, there are many bands out there who really need a drummer to jam with. In most villages and towns across the country you will find the same drummer playing for 3 or 4 bands. This means that they are going to get absolutely loads of practice in when they are just starting.

The Timing and The Jam

The two players who are most important to a band are the bass player and the drummer. These are the players keeping time and they form the backbone to everything. If you wish to understand timing and the nuts and bolts of song writing and playing, this is the instrument which you should get started on. Many will start off on the drums and then from there they are able to play a wide variety of instruments because of the fact that they have been able to grasp the idea of rhythm. This is the one instrument that will teach you this beyond all others.

Making Noise

As much as your parents and your neighbors will not be fans of yours, the truth is that we all love to make a good noise and that is just what you will get when you play drums. If you are feeling a bit frustrated then nothing will help you to beat the rage more than picking up the sticks and beating away on your drums for a couple of hours. This is a brilliant instrument for making noise and it is why so many people really do love to play drums in the beginning.

Harder To Master

All instruments are hard to master but someone could easily play a song on the guitar for example, without necessarily being very good. This is not so much the same when it comes to the drums and that is why this makes for a such a challenging instrument to play. There is no doubt that this is an instrument which will just keep pulling you back again and again, until you really become the boss of the drumset.