Japanese fashion trends that you should be following!

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How many times have you looked in your wardrobe and had no idea what to wear? Probably far too many times. Fashion burnout can be a real problem when it comes to deciding our daily style. You may have tons of skirts, shirts and shoes, but the problem comes with putting them together. Your old outfits just aren’t style-savvy enough. That’s why it’s time to take some pointers from Japan’s street style and apply it to your own outfit selection.

Why is Japanese fashion so important?

Right now, Japan is the place to be when it comes to fashion. Go anywhere in Japan and you will see someone dressed up to the nines in a style that emphasises their personality perfectly. It’s all about having the confidence to show off who you are. Whether you are one of the best escorts in Manchester, a university student or a fashion enthusiast, Japanese fashion is extremely diverse and can fit any sort of style. That it makes it the perfect thing to incorporate into your own wardrobe.

What sort of Japanese fashion trends are there?

One quick look at Google will show you that there are absolutely tons of fashion trends for you to follow. Don’t worry, you don’t need to immediately jump into some of the boldest and most colourful trends if you are not feeling comfortable. There are both exaggerated and modest silhouettes that can fit all sorts of bodies.

Below you will some of the biggest fashion trends that have come from Japan’s street style. If you are a fan of colour (especially rainbows), layered textures and larger-than-life looks, this will be the perfect style for you. So, let’s dive right into it, here are some of the best and brightest of Japanese fashion trends that you should be following!

Oversized Outfits

Who doesn’t love the feeling of curling up in a large cosy hoodie or jumper at home? Well, now you can bring that feeling with you because oversized fashion is now in! It’s time to play around with your proportions. Large denim shirts, wide legged trousers with a cinched waist, suede coats have all come back into style, however, they have returned with a twist. Don’t just go for a subdued black look. Instead, it’s time to play with your primary colours. Bright yellow, red or blue are perfect to combine with darker shades and highlight different parts of your body.

These sort of styles are perfect for the colder months as they tend to come as thick materials and look great when combined with other sets of pastel clothing, such as dresses, long skirts and thick socks.

Textured Clothes

When you think about Japanese clothing, the first thing you think about is the number of layers that their clothing has. It’s not just about wearing a simple pair of trousers and a shirt any more. Instead, you need to consider what sort of skirt yourself going to wear, what additional skirt might go under that to “puff” it out, what sort of shirt you’re going to wear, what sort of jacket you want, what suspenders you want, what sort leggings you want and what sort of shoes you need to finish it all off. There’s a lot of thought that needs to go into your outfit. It needs to look layered in either a complimentary way or a clashing way. Think about your colours and the sort of textures you are combining. The more they clash, the more dramatic your look may look.

Speaking of textures, it’s important to consider what sort of fabrics you are going to use. Denim is really trendy right now, especially colourful denim, but you can also use pleats and traditional Japanese silks and cotton or even plastics to add your own twist on your look.

“The Boho Mori Girl”

If you are the sort of person who is interested in adding a bit of romantic flair to their outfits then you may be interested in incorporating the “Boho Mori Girl” style into your look. This sort of style is all about adding a little bit of rural beauty into your clothing. That means you need to find some soft, flowy and waist-focused fabrics that highlight your “natural” look. Layer your floral patterns and use velvet and suede outfits to give you a gipsy-esque look. These of looks are great for summer parties and are mostly used with dresses. However, you are free to add any sort of long neutral shaded jackets, skirts or high-heels and socks.

Keep your layering long and loose and you will have the Boho Mori Girl look down in no time.

Let your shoes do the talking

We have spoken a lot about clothing when it comes to Japanese fashion trends, but shoes also play a big part in talking about your style. Some people follow the “socks and sandals” trend, where people wear large colourful socks and combine them with sandal or clogs, others wear Elizabethan-inspired black leather pointed toe shoes with white socks and cropped trousers, others simply use colourful boots and sandals to add a splash of excitement to their outfit. You can go subtle, but if you want to go big, consider sparkly shoes or boots that can really glam up your outfit. The more exuberant the shoe, the better they will look.

Japanese Lolita

One of the biggest trends that have come out of Japan is “Lolita.” There are so many styles when it comes to the lolita closet that it is practically unreal. The inspiration behind a “lolita style” is in relation to a Victorian china doll.  Now, pictures of these feminine styles have practically gone viral over the internet. Most of them will show a woman wearing lots of ribbons, lace, petticoats, stockings and pretty shoes. However, there are a lot more styles than that when it comes to lolita. These can include:

  • Sweet Lolita
  • Classic Lolita
  • Casual Lolita
  • Aristocrat Lolita
  • Gothic Lolita
  • Country Lolita
  • Ero Lolita
  • Princess Lolita
  • Dandy (Kodona) Lolita
  • Black (Kuro) Lolita
  • Punk Lolita
  • Steampunk Lolita
  • OTT Lolita

As you can see, there are a ton of styles that you can work around your own interests. You don’t just have to follow one style and wear pink and random accessories every day. You are free to indulge in any sort of lolita style that interests you. Mix up your blacks and pastels to create a truly unique look. Some people even incorporate wigs, body jewellery and tailored handbags, stockings and shoes to make the style their own. Just add a bow on your head and you will be ready to go!

Monochromatic Twists

We all know of the black and white trend that’s a staple of French fashion. However, the Japanese gurus have decided to spin this on its head. They take a bold colour, such as pink, orange, red or yellow, and use it as the staple of their fashion. For instance, one main colour trend that has hit the Tokyo streets is “grape purple”. Whilst people do not solely use purple in their outfits, they use it as the major component of their fashion style. Some people may use purple leggings or a purple oversized jacket, or even just pop it into their accessories.

If you want to copy this style then try and pick a bold colour that you can compliment with either dark or pale shades. That will make your primary colour stand out. The best thing about this trend is the fact that you can make your colours as “loud” as you please. If you want to go for a subdued look then you can use pastels to give your look a fresh and soft appearance.


So, this is more for artistic fashionistas of the world, but as you know, the Japanese street style is known for its colour-clash appeal and layered style. However, it also encourages accessorising to the max. Now, this is not just in terms of slapping a necklace or pair of earrings on. It is about using clips, wigs, stickers, stuffed animals, ribbons, bows, plasters and glitter EVERYWHERE. This trend is known as “decora” and every style of it is truly unique. There is only one rule with decora and that is that your overall colour scheme is followed throughout. However, if your colour scheme is rainbow madness, then you are free to go wild!

What do you love about Japanese fashion?

Honestly, Japanese fashion is all about having fun and showing off your personality through your outfit. Unlike other fashion trends, it is easy to be yourself and find your own style. You do not need to copy others, instead, you can be your own original masterpiece.

Have fun designing your new look and let us know your own thoughts about Japanese fashion! What’s your favourite aspect of it?

Content Writer: Hannah Fletcher