How To Fix A Creaky Floor

April 16, 2021 , In: DIY / Home Improvement , With: No Comments

Your floor is a huge feature of your home and massively impacts on the appearance of your home and how it is perceived. You’ve probably spent a significant amount of money on your flooring, whether that be solid wood or oak laminate flooring. If you’ve spent your hard earned cash on solid wood flooring, then don’t put up with those annoying creaks and squeaks! But getting rid of them is actually less of a headache than you might think. So let’s have a look…

Having creaky floor boards isn’t just restricted to older houses, it can also be an issue in new houses too! One of the most effective ways to reduce the noise is by inserting shims into gaps, but it only works if you have a space beneath the floor. Identify which is the one making the noise and once you have found exactly where it is, then check to see if there’s a gap between the top of the floor underside of the subfloor. Then, spread some glue into the gap, which should hopefully remove any squeaks!

Next up is adhesive. A nice easy one if there’s only a small area where it doesn’t make sense to insert loads of shims. It hardens nicely and will stop the floor from moving about. You can also apply as much or as little as you like, and can just add more if it’s not done the job. Real D.I.Y, but probably the most effective!

Nailing a board is next. Wood can twist, warp and shrink meaning it will most likely start squeaking due to a gap being opened up. Apply a plank of wood along the squeaky plank to keep it in place, securing it with nails or even glue. You’ll need to have access underneath the floor however, so check this before you start ripping up all your floor boards! 

Although these may not work and it might be that it’s time to purchase a new floor, giving them a go can’t do any harm, especially if it’s just one floorboard!