How to Create Unique Photo Albums in 4 Easy Steps

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Everybody loves photo albums, be that for themselves or as a gift. As a gift, it is a very safe option and something that you know people will love. Thanks to our obsession with social media, photographs are now very easy to find as well, which means it is now easier than ever to create a unique, customized photo gift. If you worry that doing this is too complex, you don’t need to, because it really couldn’t be easier.

4 Easy Steps to Creating Unique Photo Albums

There are just four simple steps to follow:

  1. Choose your theme. This will make sure you know which style you want to follow. For instance, a wedding album is likely to look very different from a travel holiday album. It is always a good idea to celebrate milestone events with a photo album, because it makes it easier to relive those special moments.
  2. Determine who the album is for. This is very important if you want to give it as a gift. Your loved one will have different likes and dislikes to yours, and you have to remember that this album will have to take a place on their shelves, not yours. So just because you think something is funny or cute, does not mean they do as well. Always be mindful of other people’s opinions, in other words.
  3. Choose your colors and backgrounds. This is a very important part of the creation of your overall album. If you want to create a celebratory album, for instance for a Sweet 16 or a wedding, you can just follow the color motif of that event. Alternatively, you can choose your own colors, as well as color combinations. Consider, for instance:
    1. Monochromatic colors, which uses different tints, tones, and shades of a single color. This is very harmonious and looks quite conservative in style.
    2. Complimentary colors, whereby opposing colors on the wheel are used, such as yellow and purple. This means the colors actually clash, which creates a funky, unique look.
    3. Analogous colors, which uses colors that are adjacent to each other in the wheel, such as blue and turquoise. They create a warm look, which is quite conservative as well.
    4. Triadic colors, whereby three colors of equal distance on the wheel are used, such as blue, yellow, and red. This is quite funky and particularly suitable for albums celebrating a child’s life, or albums focusing on art.
  4. Brainstorm and come up with something unique. Once you have your foundations in place – theme, recipient, colors – then you are ready to get creative. A lot of online services allow you to simply upload a wealth of pictures, which they then auto-fill into position. If you aren’t creative at all, this is a great option. However, don’t be afraid to play with your options a little bit. Try changing the orientation of the images, their borders, their shadows, their positioning, and so on.