Boxing Champions of the World

June 8, 2021 , In: Sports , With: No Comments

Some of the most prolific fighters of all time have set their ground straight, defeating anyone that tried to come to the party. From Mayweather to the phenomenal streak of Rocky Marciano’s 49-0. The sport has gathered much fame over the years. 

Even when it comes to casino online games, you will find slot games that are centered on boxing, to prove how popular the sport is. One such game is Mike Tyson Knockout Slot. In boxing, we have seen boxers coming from the grassroots to take part in professional boxing. 

We now list some of the fantastic and exciting champions in boxing. 

1. Donnie Penelton (13-166)

Coming from Mississippi, he braced his career from the year 1990 to the year 2009. He was a light heavyweight fighter who recorded some of the most exciting wins ever to be captured in the history of boxing. 

Nicknamed the “Black Beetle”, he was a working horse, just like a beetle, and recorded his first three wins in three professional fights. The rest of the late ’90s were rather cumbersome as he experienced massive defeats. Over 10 years, he completed 103 fights, winning a meager six fights. Even though his career turned south,  he is regarded as a massive champion. 

Penelton was an exciting player who motivated other black fighters out there. His sheer workaholic strategy surely gave him one of the most elevated careers in boxing. Check out best high roller casinos for boxing-themed online slots.

2. Peter Buckley (32-256)

He was nicknamed the “Professor” and he was an English lad who grew up under the tutelage of an exciting trainer. His career started in 1989 to 2008 and in total, he managed to fight 300 times. 

He had a fine 17-10 record but unfortunately, it never lived long. Nicknamed The Professor, Peter Buckley was an English boxer who competed in the welterweight division from 1989 until 2008, competing in 300 professional fights to win two consecutive fights in a row ever again.