Health Street: Your Partner for Drug Test & Background Check Services

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Background screening and drug testing is a procedure that assures an organization recruits the best talent. When it is in-house, the process is time-consuming and tedious. Companies hire a third-party service provider, like Health Street, and conduct background screening and drug testing of potential candidates. Third-party background screening providers execute their tasks efficiently, effectively, precisely, and quickly. Background check service providers have database access that is unavailable to public and private sector organizations. Hence, it is better hire drug testing and background check service providers.

In-House Screening Versus Background Check provider

There are several reasons for organizations to outsource their background screening to third-party service providers. One of the highlighting reasons is their strong performance ROI compared with in-house background checking. Third-party background check platforms offer more flexibility than in-house drug screening and background testing services. Outsourcing screening services also allows organizations to scale their operations when necessary. It is not possible with an in-house screening process. The third-party background check providers are better at delivering accurate and reliable screening results.

Why do Employment Background Checks Matter?

Whether it is good practice or compliance, background verification or screening is pivotal to the hiring process. It ensures the authentication of the applicants. Background screening is a method where employers confirms whether applicants are true to their claims on resumes and employment applications. Studies reveal that most job applicants provide false or wrong information about their credentials. A background check is necessary to avoid a bad hire that costs organizations millions in the long run. Organizations fail to conduct comprehensive background screening. Hence, third-party vendors are the best option.

Challenges of Background and Drug Screening

When an organization’s in-house staff conducts drug testing and background checks, they encounter multiple challenges.

  •         Efficient and effective document and data collection
  •         Maintaining data security
  •         Compliance with state and Federal regulations for background checks and drug testing
  •         Delay in the process due to lack of resources

What to Expect from Drug Testing and Background Check Providers?

A reputed and reliable background service provider, like Health Street, conducts background screening on employees, customers, and volunteers. Employers often seek services to screen recruits or existing employees. Third-party vendors conduct thorough background screening, report to the organization, and provide necessary data and information. Third-party background providers are gaining immense popularity because they offer multiple benefits to employers. Employers access candidates’ information quicker, saving time and money.

Advantages of Background Check Service Providers

In-depth Screening

The foremost advantage is to conduct accurate and thorough background screening of candidates. The screening includes verifying the identity, employment records, educational credentials, address, criminal convictions, alcohol addiction, lawsuits, arrest warrants, and drug and illicit substance abuse. Background check providers have a reputation for offering better customer care service experience. It is pivotal to talent acquisition managers, HR managers, etc., as they depend on the services regularly.

User-Friendly Interface and Application

Another benefit is the convenience and ease of application. With a reliable third-party background check vendors like Health Street, accessing accurate and up-to-date data and information of candidates or applicants is easier. The service providers use cloud user interface applications and software and gain databases. Finally, the third-party background check and drug test vendors comply with necessary legal regulations and policies to function. They have the documents and paperwork, abiding by state and Federal laws.


When an organization collaborates with a third-party background check vendor, there is no stress to conduct research in-house. It saves time as organizations don’t have to spend time assessing the databases and making phone calls to acquire information. A third-party background check provider carries out the hassles of acquiring information from databases. The organization focuses on advertising vacant positions, interviewing applicants, and recruiting them.


Top-notch background check vendors, like Health Street, make the recruiting process easy, efficient and efficient. More organizations are realizing the importance of collaborating with a well-known and efficient background check service provider. Because they have the experience, skills, and resources to conduct background screening, the outcome is accurate, reliable, and faster. A comprehensive employee background assessment is important in the present job market. Applicants don’t shy away from giving false information about their credentials. To avoid hiring incompetent and criminal background applicants, pre-employment screening is pivotal.