Giving The Best Gifts In The Galaxy Is Easy

November 17, 2018 , In: Tech , With: No Comments

‘Tis the season for giving, but don’t get caught giving just any old gift. If you want to truly impress this year, you need to move beyond the usual tube socks and gift cards. To take home the title of the best giver of the year, you need something special to leave under the tree. 

Think that’s a tall order? It’s not a problem when you mine this guide for tech-inspired gifts. Here’s your checklist for the best gifts for in the Galaxy.

Galaxy Note 9

As the latest flagship guiding the Samsung fleet, the Galaxy Note 9 is one of the hottest phablets on the market. This newest Note deserves a spot in their hand because of its beautiful 6.4-inch Infinity Edge display, backed by a capable 1.7GHz octa-core processor, 6GB of RAM, and 128 GB of internal storage. 

As a handy phone with considerable performance power, it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to watch videos with stunning clarity, take amazing photographs, or simply browse the Internet without any glitches. 

Galaxy Note 9 skin

With a shiny new Note 9 waiting for them under the tree, a set of Galaxy skins would make a great addition to their stockings this year. However, with a set of dimensions that read 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm, the Note 9 needs no extra bulk in the name of personalization. It needs to be a special kind of accessory to prevent holiday bloating, so keep to companies like dbrand that use genuine 3M vinyl in all their designs. 

This slim material offers the best fitting skin without adding any bulkiness to the Note. It does this while providing a grime-free and scratch-resistant layer in a customizable decal. You can check out these Galaxy skins to see how easy it is to personalize the Note, transforming the popular handset into a one-of-a-kind smartphone. The latest designs include black matrix, black camo, marble, and carbon fiber Galaxy skins, making it easy to give the gift of beauty this holiday — whatever their style may be.

Galaxy Note 9 screen protector

With a sprawling 6.4-inch display that bleeds off the edges in the truest edge-to-edge design on the market, the Note 9’s screen can be a challenge to keep safe. Whether the danger lies in grease stains deposited after a long gab session or the sharp edge of a key, you can keep the screen safe with the Whitestone Dome. As its name suggests, it’s curved to fit the Infinity Edge perfectly, so there’s no worry about fit. Meanwhile, its scratch-resistant tempered glass has been treated with an oleophobic coating — which means it’s an equally strong defence against sharp objects as it is against fingerprints. 

An S-Pen Stylus

As a bonafide phablet, the Note 9 switches easily between a typical smartphone and a tablet. The S-Pen helps them scribble notes or doodle works of art with extreme precision. Set up with Bluetooth, it can do a lot more than your typical pen, including controlling the Note 9’s audio setting and camera. However, the slim design of the stylus makes it like any analogue pen in one regard: it’s easy to lose. S-Pens disappear, stolen by comfy couch cushions and devious cats alike.

If the person on your list is constantly scouring the house, office, or car for their stylus, give them the gift of a backup S-Pen or two. This way, they’ll never go without, even if Miss Fluffy the cat decides to steal one for her own.

Galaxy Watch

Not to be outdone by Fitbit or Apple, Samsung has finally launched its Galaxy Watch. The analogue face has the sophisticated look of your typical sports watch, but it comes with all the smart activity tracking you come to expect from a digital watch. Though you’ll hear the soft ticking of hands, this watch comes with none of the cogs of an old-fashioned timepiece. It displays the watch face on a sAMOLED screen equipped with Samsung’s Always On feature to allow convenient access to messages, calls, and activities. 

Wireless Charging Duo

If they’ve been especially nice this year, you may stock up on everything on this list. In which case, they’ll need help keeping all their new devices fully charged. Both the Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch come with QI-enabled wireless charging, so that’s good news for anyone who wants to give the gift of tangle-free charging. The official Samsung charging duo has two charging pods for a smartphone and watch, so they never have to choose which device to charge first.

Gear 360

What tech unites the foodie, the adventurer, the influencer, and the beauty guru? The Gear 360 portable camera can be used by anyone who wants to film the bigger picture. It pairs with their Note 9 easily to get all 360° of any restaurant, trail, destination, or festival in 4K resolution. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle wherever life takes you. 

Between a Note 9 and the Gear 360, you’ll be able to find something to impress anyone on your list. Choose whichever gadget or accessory would work with their lifestyle the most, remembering you can mix and match to create the ultimate Galaxy gift basket. 

Whether you agonize over one present or leave a bundle of them under the tree, you can’t go wrong when you use a list like this one for inspiration. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!