George Ammar Breaks Down How To Be Happy

October 21, 2018 , In: Health & Fitness , With: No Comments

My good friend George S Ammar is a really positive inspiration in my life and someone that I am very blessed to know. What is most infectious about George Ammar is not just his resilience and his positive attitude, but the fact that he is a genuinely happy person. It is easy to see why George is happy, he is doing his dream job as a CPA certified accountant with his own business here in Cleveland Ohio, he has a beautiful family and he leads a very healthy and active lifestyle. In fat I spoke to George just last week and asked him how he thought that people should approach finding happiness, and here is what he had to say.

Being Nice

Happiness starts in the heart so you must first be nice to others and have kindness inside you if you ever hope to feel happiness. You could be the richest person in the world with all of the trappings that come with it but if you are not a nice person and your heart isn’t happy, all of that money and power will mean very little.

Trying Everything

You don’t know how you will about something until you have given it a try and that means that you don’t know how happy or unhappy it may make you. Naturally there are some things which we know won’t make you happy, but there are a whole host of activities, hobbies and ways of living that may hold the key to our happiness, we just haven’t tried it yet.

Being Gracious

There is a very real possibility that you have everything right now that you have ever wanted and that you are chasing some kind of Disney fantasy about what a happy life should look like. It is important that occasionally we take some time out and actually take stock of what we have in our hands. Consider if everything you had was taken away, would you be sad that it was gone? Or happy for the clean break? The answer to that question will tell you more about your current happiness than you know.

Understanding Envy

Envy is often considered as a dirty emotion and one which we should banish, but in envy there is a lot of truth to be found about how you can be a happier soul. Let’s say that you are envious of Oprah Winfrey, ask yourself what is it about this lady that makes you envious, is it the money? Fame? Respect? Power? Influence? Or perhaps that she makes her living talking to people on television. You must drill down to the bottom of your navy and find out what is it about he person that makes you feel that way. Once you understand this, you can start to get to work on improving certain parts of your life until you do not feel envy, but feel happy.