Facial Plastic Surgeon in Chicago Speaks About Pre-Surgery Considerations

May 3, 2018 , In: Health & Fitness , With: No Comments

Speaking to a facial plastic surgeon in Chicago last week I was blown away by some of the horror stories which she told me, about some of the more traditional techniques which used to be used when people went in for facial surgery. Thankfully these days nothing like that happens much any more, thanks to the advanced techniques and highly skilled professionals which operate within this industry. The horror stories lead me to thinking about peoples reasoning and expectation when they go in for facial surgery, and whether or not people are fully aware of what they are about to do. The surgeon who I spoke with had some advice for anyone considering facial plastic surgery, advice which I wanted to share with you.

What Are Your Reasons?

The first thing that you need to seriously ask yourself is what are your reasons behind going in for the surgery. This is a question which deserves a great deal of thought and a lot of soul searching. There are right reasons and wrong reasons to have surgery, and it is imperative that you know you are dong it for the right reason. For example undergoing facial plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends or your favorite celeb, is not a smart move as both tastes and trends change over the years, whereas your new face will not. Equally, if you have a body image issue then there is no amount of surgery which can help you, and you would be better off speaking with a counsellor to overcome your issues.

Can You Afford It?

Plastic surgery has decreased greatly in price over recent years, but it is still not a cheap item to spend your money on. With this in mind then you must ensure that you can actually afford the treatment which you are about to have done. There are many options whereby you can pay for the surgery on finance, but you also need to ensure that you can afford the monthly repayments. After all, there is no point investing money in your body, if you are then too broke to go out and show it off!

Expectation v Reality

Some of the surgeons which we have in this country are absolutely incredible and they can do magical things on people’s bodies. In spite of this however, a surgeon can only work with what they are given, and you must make sure that your expectations for you surgery are realistic. Make sure that you speak at length with your surgeon before the surgery itself, and ensure that you have spoken about your desires and heard the truth from what the surgeon is saying about what they can do with your face. If you do want wholesale changes, you must understand that you’ll have to do this little by little, rather than a dramatic overhaul.