Toronto Educational Group Tour Destinations

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If you are looking for the culture capital of Canada, look no further than Toronto. This cultural metropolis boasts a load of interesting and world famous museums and historical sites. This post will highlight some of the coolest and exciting museums and other cultural spots around the city that are perfect for a class field trip or family educational tour.

Since you’re there to learn about history and culture, and not how to navigate Toronto traffic, make sure to book a Toronto school bus rental for your group so that everyone can enjoy the sites along the way without having to figure out how to get around the city.

CN Tower

Around the world Toronto is easily recognized in pictures because of its unmistakable needle shaped monument that sits in the center of the city. The CN Tower is Toronto’s tallest structure most recognizable landmark. Perched at the heart of the Toronto skyline, it has stood as a beacon since 1972 and continues to proclaim the city to the world.

For those who visit the CN Tower, an elevator whisks you to several observations decks that contain restaurants and offers views of beautiful Lake Ontario and of course the city of Toronto The highest level also offers the Sky Pod where you can see Niagara Falls and even New York State. If you want to have your breath taken away you should aim for the Outdoor Sky Terrace which features a glass floor that allows viewing directly down over the city. The 360 Restaurant which revolves is also a favorite and the food there is wonderful too.

Casa Loma

Most people do not know that Toronto has one of the most beautiful castles in all of North America. This distinction belongs to Casa Loma which is located on the edge of the city and is a popular attraction for visitors from around the world. This world protected site is an architectural wonder and one of the largest private structures in the country. Casa Loma was built by Sir Henry Pellatte and has almost 100 rooms and nearly 40 bathrooms. This very successful entrepreneur was the first to recognize the potential of Niagara Falls as a tourist attraction and made a fortune off tourists exploiting the Falls. Casa Loma is open to tourists who can explore its beautiful manicured lawns, meticulously decorated suites, towers, horse stables and lovely gardens. There are also secret passages throughout the castle and an 800-foot. Everything has been perfectly preserved and there are also tours to take you around the grounds and give you the history of Toronto.

The Royal Ontario Museum

This Toronto cultural icon has taken its place among the world’s internationally recognized museums. ROM as the The Royal Ontario Museum houses Canada’s most important collection of artifacts assembled from around the country. The classic architecture of the ROM building structure of ROM has been built on throughout the years and has recently add a new wing that is angular and constructed of glass and steel. The museum also hosts collections from all over the world featuring some of the world’s most important collections. Visitors who come should go online to learn which collections are currently at the museum.

The Art Gallery of Toronto

Housed in probably the most unique building in the city, the Art Gallery of Toronto or AGO is the home of Toronto’s top art collections. This internationally famous art mecca hosts permanent collections from Canadian, Oceanic, European, and African artists and also always has some of the world’s top traveling exhibitions housed here throughout the year. When visitors come they can expect to be treated so some of the world’s top art pieces.


These four hot spots represent only a sampling of the museums, galleries and cultural attractions located all around the city. Come with you family or group and enjoy the rich allure of Canada’s top cultural city.