Dr. Bruce G. Fagel – Why Medical Malpractice Is Critically Important

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Medical malpractice is a tough area of the law and it deals with issues which have taken place in the medical field as a result of negligence and foul play. Attorneys who work in this field like Dr. Bruce G. Fagel have a very difficult task in getting clients who have a genuine case, and that is because not every mistake in the hospital or operating theater warrants malpractice.

This again is where malpractice suits can be tricky because an error is not malpractice unless it is brought about through that negligence. For example missing the cancer diagnosis of a patient could certainly result in them losing their lives in less time than if they had been diagnosed. Given that doctors and nurses are not perfect, we cannot begin to hit them with court cases because of such an incident. Naturally patients will still try to bring cases about for this situation, but this is not malpractice, just a risk of the job.

Despite this, malpractice is very important and here is why.


It is absolutely essential that cases are brought against those who commit medical malpractice and that is to avoid things like this from happening again. What we so often find with surgeons or doctors who have been found guilty of medical malpractice is that it isn’t the first time that something has happened. For example if a surgeon is found to have a prescription drug addiction and has then been seen to be making a number of mistakes as a result, this should be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. Through swift action further issues can be easily prevented.


Anyone who has lost a loved one or who has had their body permanently damaged because of medical malpractice is absolutely deserving of being paid damages. There may be a stigma attached to receiving damages but ultimately this is about the loss of income and the compensation which the person deserves as a result of what has happened. Damage cannot be undone, deaths cannot be reversed, the best case scenario is that there are financial reparations paid to the person who has fallen victim to the malpractice. Another reason why financial payments are so important is that it hits the hospital hard in the pocket which acts as a measure to prevent things happening going forward.

Increasing The Focus of Professionals

No medical professional wants to be hit with this kind of case, and the more that they occur, the more likely these professionals are going to be in improving their professionalism. The reason why systems in hospitals work as well as they do, and the reason why malpractice cases have reduced in recent years, is because of the cases of the past and the changes which have been made as a result of those cases.

These are the clear reasons as to why medical malpractice is so important and why it continues to be.